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Build up your bedroom storage

As apartments get smaller, we need smarter ways to store all our things. Carve out some space up and around your bed for a customised closet. With an ottoman, you can store household items (and even a vacuum!).

When you live in a small space, you have to store things other than bedding in the bedroom. An ottoman bed’s deep bed frame can store your suitcase, boots, vacuum and other household items. Use boxes with dividers to keep smaller items organised.

If there are too many shoes in the hallway, store a few in a bench by your bed. It doubles as a seating area, so you can sit to put on your shoes, or catch a bit of crisp morning light.

Boxes are your best friend. They are easy to take out and put on the bed when sorting laundry — and just as easy to slide back into your wardrobe. Use them to keep socks, undergarments, and other small accessories from getting lost.

Use up all those awkward spaces. Use a LACK shelf as a corner shelf by your bedside to hold your glasses, reading light or even your phone to charge overnight, if you’re the tech-loving type.

Have an outfit ready to grab and go in the morning by hanging them on the wall. When not in use, these hooks can be folded up to conserve space.