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Where bath time is together-time, too

We always talk about streamlining your bathroom routine — but what about finding time for your little ones, too? Squeeze in some ‘we time’ and make your bathroom a place where your children can get ready and un-ready with you, from Monday to Sunday.

Multiple IKEA GODMORGON mirrors mounted above a bathroom sink unit, with a towel rail and pink towel reflected in them.

A ‘wall of mirrors’ can make your small bathroom appear bigger, and also allows multiple people to get ready in the morning at the same time.

If you have a small space, try to mount your bathroom storage; this frees up precious floor space. Consider organising shelves by family member or by product type — so you can easily grab things and go!

A stepstool can give your child that extra boost they need to look in the mirror and get ready together. Use a couple of suction cups to hold your children’s bathroom supplies. When they grow, you can change the height of TISKEN, too!

It’s possible to create a cosy niche, even in a small bathroom. Use it to place clothes, or a place where your child can sit. NORDRANA organisers can hold bath time books and toys to entertain your child while you get ready. Or use an ENEBY Bluetooth® speaker to sing along together in the shower!

Glass partitions let you be with your child at all times, even when in the shower. It allows you to be together, talk and supervise. TISKEN brackets can hold a variety of shower heads, and can be placed at a height your child can reach.