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It’s all about the storage

Close-at-hand storage where you need it, show-off storage where you love it, and closed storage where you want it – all while keeping things organised and divided so that every family member has their own, dedicated bathroom space.

A mirror cabinet over the wash-basin makes sure that you have everything you need close at hand, but hidden – ideal for your less pretty bathroom necessities.

Make use of the space between your HEMNES wash-basins: a HEMNES bench offers extra storage space while keeping the bathroom look coordinated.

A shower that’s crowded with products? Solve the problem by moving your things back and forth to your storage space.

A mirror, smart storage and a shelving unit cover most of your needs when doing your beauty routine (and the rest of the family will thank you for not blocking the wash-basin!).

Closed storage is just as important as show-off storage when creating a stylish bathroom – KOLBJÖRN cabinets and shelving units help you with both!