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Carry on with your bathroom rituals

Calm, clutter-free sink surfaces and orderly insides in your bathroom cabinets can help make your mornings just a little easier to wake up to.

There’s no need for a mirror when your cabinet doors have double mirrors on the inside and outside. Prop one door open so you can see yourself from all angles.

Organise your bathroom drawers with transparent GODMORGON organiser boxes. The clear plastic lids have a small whole in the center for ventiliation and so you can open the box with just a finger.

It’s all about keeping orderly insides. Use clear jars or boxes to keep toiletries organised. You’ll be able to see everything you have, and know when it’s time to restock.

Towel stands can be used for more than just hang drying: sling a pocket pouch over a rail to store brushes or other bathroom accessories.

Enjoy that rainfall feel in the morning with showerheads that keep water pressure just right. And here’s something else that can brighten your day: our showers save up to 30% water and energy.