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Bathroom and shower room storage ideas

Keep all your bathroom products within arm’s reach with sink and shower storage, ideal for small bathrooms which don’t offer a lot of room for all your toiletries.

A matte dark grey colour toothbrush holder, will help create a uniform look around your bathroom's washbasin, for calm and stylish expression.

Shallow glass shelves offer extra storage and can be placed close to the bathroom sink, without being in the way. They also allow more light to shine through, for a brighter bathroom.

Small bathrooms often struggle with storage options. However, over-the-toilet storage ideas, will open up otherwise unused space.

A small shelving units that doesn't take up much space and it’s a brilliant shower storage idea for smaller bathrooms. There are holes in the base of each shelf too, so water can run through.

Place a fast-drying bath mat, by your shower to keep puddles at bay. And with its raised, structured weave, it’ll be cosy on your bare feet, too.

Install towel rails next to the shower so they’re always to hand. A dual-rail is split over two levels, so all your towels have space and you can easily separate the damp from the dry.