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A bathroom to rest and recharge in

This IKEA white and red colour-schemed bathroom includes GODMORGON white double wash basin to allow multiple family members to be in the bathroom at the same time.

We often talk about streamlining your bathroom routine. But just stop for a moment and breathe. Make your washroom a place to relax, and an efficient space to have multiple people in the same room when it needs to be.

Consider using a big mirror for a double washbasin; one uniform piece helps create a calmer, wholesome atmosphere over a pair of two mirrors. An added bonus? You can place small items on the STOCKHOLM mirror’s ledge.

Stock away toiletries and hair accessories in a set of storage organisers. Having a dedicated place for small things ensures a clutter-free room, where things don’t go missing.

A storage stool can have many features — like being a place to store magazines or as a pedestal for plants.

Position a stool by the shower so you have a place to put bath towels. The same goes for incense, oils, and other pampering tools!

Use bathroom seating to your advantage. Prop yourself on one, and your foot up on a lower one to paint your nails. This prevents you from straining your back. Or, have someone else sit on the stool and give them a much-needed massage!