VEBERÖD room divider natural 85 cm 45 cm 180 cm
VEBERÖD room divider natural 85 cm 45 cm 180 cm
VEBERÖD room divider natural 85 cm 45 cm 180 cm
VEBERÖD room divider natural 85 cm 45 cm 180 cm
VEBERÖD room divider natural 85 cm 45 cm 180 cm
VEBERÖD room divider natural 85 cm 45 cm 180 cm
VEBERÖD room divider natural 85 cm 45 cm 180 cm
VEBERÖD room divider natural 85 cm 45 cm 180 cm

It’s all about honesty. We let marks and traces from the manufacturing remain visible to give every piece of furniture a unique and personal look. Also, VEBERÖD is easy to move and use for various needs.


Product details

Use the included hooks to hang things and decorations on the mesh wall - or why not have a green plant climb it?Each piece of furniture has a unique personality since natural marks and traces from the production are fully visible and part of the industrial expression.The design makes this piece of furniture easy to place, easy to use for various needs, and easy to match with other furnishings.Store and decorate with things you like so you have them close at hand. At the same time they will give the furniture a personal touch.The product is clear-lacquered, which means that blemishes and marks from the production process are fully visible. Variations in materials and components are normal and a part of the expression.This product may have traces of rust. It is part of the expression of the product and does not affect the quality of the material.Designer

Johanna Jelinek

  • Total composition:80% cotton, 20% linen
    Frame/ Wire mesh/ Hook/ Middle part:Steel, Epoxy/polyester powder coating
    FrameWipe clean with a damp cloth.
    TextileMachine wash, max 40°C, normal process.Do not bleach.Do not tumble dry.Iron, max 150°C.Professional dry cleaning in tetrachloroethene and hydrocarbons, normal process.
  • This product comes as 2 packages.
    VEBERÖDRoom dividerArticle no.:703.433.25This product has multiple packages.
    Width: 55 cmHeight: 9 cmLength: 84 cmWeight: 9.47 kgPackage(s): 1
    Width: 86 cmHeight: 4 cmLength: 131 cmWeight: 6.10 kgPackage(s): 1

Product size

85 cm
45 cm
180 cm


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VEBERÖD room divider natural 85 cm 45 cm 180 cm

New ideas for the fluid home

The designer Gustav Carlberg has a lot of moving experience. His first home was a cellar room with a stove where he lived on noodles and crispbread. Later on, Gustav moved to a shared home where he slept in the living room. This was followed by a number of other temporary homes in the Stockholm area. These experiences proved valuable when he was given the task to develop a new sofa for IKEA; a sofa for a home in constant change – the fluid home.  Read more
Over the years, the designer Gustav Carlberg has lived in some ten-odd homes which have all had their own settings and unique traits. ”I remember an apartment where I had my bed in the living room and didn't get much privacy. So I hung up posters around the bed to create a ‘room in the room’. I laid there and played video games in my free time”, Gustav says laughing.

Life lived on the sofa

Having moved so often, Gustav is quite typical of our time, since the home for many people is something ever-changing. It's not always as slimmed down as Gustav's first living spaces, but we still move often, and shift between living alone or with our friends or partners. IKEA product developer Ria Falk describes this lifestyle trend as ”the fluid home”. It's a home that changes both in terms of location, conditions and interior. ”Also, the living area is often limited and we do different things in the same room”, says Ria. ”We work, relax and hang out in the living room, but we also want to create our own nook if for example several people are sleeping in the same room. That's why furniture needs to be functional and very clever”.
When Ria and her colleagues saw this need, they decided to develop a number of new furniture items. The involvement of Gustav in the project was a stroke of luck. During his years in sublet apartments, he learned a lot about what works – and doesn't – in a home that constantly changes. From these insights and experiences, EKEBOL sofa was developed: a steel construction with loose cushions and a number of storage possibilities. ”It's a sofa to live on. A place where you can work, relax and sleep when needed. It's easy to move and isn't meant to get stuck in one spot in front of the TV”.

A workshop led to ideas

To be sure that EKEBOL and the other furniture items developed in the same project actually met the needs of the fluid home, the team invited a group of 20-somethings to a workshop at our design department in Älmhult, Sweden. For an entire day, they tested, moved around and explored all the details of the newly developed furniture items. Among other things, there was the rolling VEBERÖD room divider which Gustav's colleague Johanna Jelinek designed. It led to several different ideas from the group: one suggested that the room divider could store all of the kitchen's cookware on one side and that the other side could be covered in climbing plants like a green wall.
The workshop clearly showed that many 20-somethings want to be able to put a very personal touch to their home – no matter how temporary their living situations might be. It's one of a number important insights which Ria, Gustav and their colleagues now take into account for new projects. Ria would like to involve customer groups more in future product development. ”It was a great joy to find solutions together this way”, Ria concludes. ”Through cooperating, I'm confident that we'll continue to develop smarter and better products that can make a difference for many people - not just for the younger generations”.
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One room becomes two

Do you want to divide a room, give your home a slight industrial feel – or store your things in a more fun way? With VEBERÖD room divider you get everything in one solution. A neat way to make your home more flexible, maybe by dividing one room into two while also being able to display and organise your favourite things. Hang them up as decorations on the mesh wall or let a plant climb up and through the steel mesh so that the rustic grey steel is joined by nice greenery.

Clear-lacquered steel

This product is made from clear-lacquered steel. Since the raw steel is not hidden under a fully covering surface treatment, the products will vary in look and each piece of furniture will be unique.

Room divider, natural85x180 cm

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VEBERÖD room divider natural 85 cm 45 cm 180 cm