Now it's really easy for anyone to use smart lighting. With this pre paired kit you can use the remote to turn on and off, switch between different tones of white light and dim for the right mood.

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Easy to get started with a ready-to-use TRÅDFRI smart kit containing one remote control and one E27 LED light bulb (large cap) with white spectrum.You can quickly and easily change the mood in the room by dimming and switching from warm to cold light in 3 steps.When you add TRÅDFRI gateway and IKEA Home smart app, you can create several groups of light sources and control them in different ways.This kit is already pre-paired, so all you have to do is screw the light source into the lamp socket and then start using your smart lighting.Can only be used with IKEA Smart lighting products.You can expand your kit so that you can control up to 10 LED bulbs, LED light panels, or LED light doors so that they all behave in the same way - dim, turn off, turn on, and gradually switch from warm to cold light.The light from this LED bulb feels as strong as the light from a traditional 40W incandescent bulb.Standby power consumption: 0.5W.Works with IKEA Home smart.This product bears the CE mark.This kit is not suitable to use with wired dimmers.With TRÅDFRI remote control you can dim your lighting without a wired-in installation.The remote control has a maximum range of 10 meters when not blocked by any walls.A magnet makes it easy to attach the remote control to the wall bracket.Battery is included, and last approx. 2 years.Designer

IKEA of Sweden

Technical information


Remote control kit

Brand nameIKEA
Model identifierLED1732G11
Energy efficiency classA+
Weighted energy consumption11
Nominal luminous flux1000
Nominal life time25000
Number of switching cycles25000
Colour temperature2700
Warm-up time to 60% of the full light output< 1 sec
Wirelessly dimmableYes
Rated wattage11
Rated luminous flux1000
Rated lamp life time25000
Lamp power factor0.7
Lumen maintenace factor at the end of the nominal life70%
Starting time0.3
Colour rendering90

Product size

Default luminous flux: 
1000 lm
Default colour temperature: 
2700 K
120 mm
60 mm
11 W


Love it!Jade LondonIt works exactly as I expected. Good quality finish. I'm happy I bought it.5
A bobby dazzlerLittlegem81Our son wanted a remote control lightbulb by his bed and this does the job (although he’d like the multi colour one). It’s bright enough previously he had a coloured one not from Ikea and it just wasn’t bright enough when you needed it to. Easy to use and instal5
The only way to get these bulbsLeopold005Given that you need a steering device to connect the bulbs to the gateway anyway, and that there's a strong chance many people would prefer to use a switch than get their phone out or yell at some smart speaker to do something, this is the best... no, scratch that, the ONLY way in to Tradfri that I wholeheartedly recommend. Why? For one, the remote itself is excellent, and you need it to make full use of the included bulb. This is one that might be called white ambience by more expensive purveyors of smart bulbs, and although it doesn't boast the wealth of warmth options (it only has three), it does have a good range of brightness too, from a gentle glow to a retina-piercing blast. You could look at this as getting the best remote with a cut-price bulb, or a bulb with a reduced price remote, but either way, this is the setup you should get. So much so that when I found a pair of these for £20 each in Bargain Corner, I snapped them up despite not having any use for them at present, because I know sooner or later I'll find somewhere I can use them.5
Perfect for my roomohgioktinGot more than what I was looking for, only looking for a light that could brighten my room but this allowed me to adjust brightness and choose dim light as well if I want to.. Plus allows me to choose if I wanted white light or yellow light. very happy with this product..5
Expensive but a great solutionDr BobbyPreviously I had only found in line dimmer switches, requiring rewiring of the lamp for LED bulbs. This is simply plug and play. Used daily in the living room. Plus it will give out daylight white! Highly recommend, no need to put dimmer switches in the walls trying to get the right lightbulb combo5
superRuda123cool, you can change the light intensity5
Remote Control KitMr SturekWe returned the product as we though an ordinary table lamp would be more useful. This looks like a novelty.3
Good product, poor instructionsTJ21A good product, but the advice / instructions available from purchase through to installation were poor considering the technical nature of this product.3
Great item but overpricedNinzBeeWe got this for our landing as night light for all children’s room, has worked well. The only slight thing is it would be even better if went dimmer. Slightly overpriced4
Ultimate remote controlSidney75This light bulb and remote control is absolutely fantastic. Bought this for the lamp in the living room for two reasons, dimmer and change colour of the bulb. Only changes to three different colours but what a difference when dimmed, definitely mood lighting.5
does what it says in the advertsPolarbillyEasy to install and connect.5
PerfectAshmac17Far cheaper than the competitors bulbs and just as good! Easy to connect up, easy App to use and works with Alexa - although sometimes they are a little bright when turned on (but that’s Alexa not playing). I’m going back for more for the rest of the house5
Remote contol light kitoscar 123I bought this product for the bedroom of my flat, as the light switch was on a wall way from the bed. I am now able tp turn the light on and off from my bedside table. Not only that, I can also dim and brighten the bulb and change it from a low level yellow for laying in bed, but also a high level white for checking bookshelves, cleaning the room etc. It is so good that, as I have a flat in Spain, I bought another in Spain to use in the loung there in an uplighter. Absolutely Recommended5

Remote control kit, white spectrumE27



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TRÅDFRI Remote control kit, white spectrum, E27



Energy class

Brand nameIKEA
Model identifierLED1732G11
Energy efficiency classA+
Weighted energy consumption11kWh/1000h
Nominal luminous flux1000lm
Nominal life time25000h
Number of switching cycles25000cycles
Colour temperature2700K
Warm-up time to 60% of the full light output< 1 sec
Wirelessly dimmableYes
Rated wattage11Watt
Rated luminous flux1000lm
Rated lamp life time25000h
Lamp power factor0.7
Lumen maintenace factor at the end of the nominal life70%
Starting time0.3seconds
Colour rendering90