Speaker and lamp in one, so that your technology blends into your home. Also helps you save space, for example on a bedside table or side table, while providing a rich sound that fills the entire room.

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The table lamp with speaker is a collaboration between IKEA and Sonos, so it easily integrates with other products from Sonos.This table lamp with speaker has a rich and vibrant sound that fills the entire room and allows you to create the right atmosphere at home.SYMFONISK WiFi speaker allows you to stream music, radio and podcasts from your network and streaming services.Supports all of the major music streaming subscription services.You can control each speaker individually, so you can play music in one room while the children are listening to an audiobook in another one, or play the same sound throughout the home.Compatible with Airplay 2 so you can stream audio directly from your Apple devices.You can stream music, podcasts and radio via WiFi without interruptions from phone calls or notifications. The music keeps playing even when your phone or tablet is not around.If you want stereo sound, you can buy two identical speakers.You can use two identical speakers as rear speakers for a Sonos home theatre system.The glass lampshade is mouth blown by a skilled craftsperson. Small variations give each product a unique character.Turning off the light with the knob does not turn off the speaker.The speaker's features will be enhanced through continous software updates.The services for streaming music vary between different regions, information about your region can be found on the Sonos website.To control this AirPlay 2-enabled speaker, iOS 11.4 or later is required.Apple and AirPlay are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the USA and other countries.This product bears the CE mark.You control the speaker with the Sonos app.Download Sonos app via Google Play or App Store, depending on which mobile device you have.Works with IKEA Home smart.Use with a LED bulb E14 max 7W, sold separately.Designer

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Table lamp with WiFi speaker

Brand nameIKEA
Model identifierE1776 SYMFONISK
This luminaire is compatible with bulbs of the energy classesA++ to B
Average energy classA++

Product size

7 W
216 mm
216 mm
401 mm
Cord length: 
150 cm


Good looking additions to my Sonos SystemVerified BuyerBought two as a stereo pair and the set up went straight through with no problems. The lamps are great looking and the sound wonderful as you expect with Sonos hardware. Just moved my sub from another room and it auto joined the Symfonisk pair. Ran Trueplay and they match really well. Thanks IKEA for joining with Sonos and letting me have lamps and speakers in the same space.5
Fragile glass lampshade cannot be replacedJbassThe glass lampshade is very fragile and the lamp is designed not to fit any other lampshade. IKEA offer no way to purchase a replacement.1
Excellent speaker / lampCathel7Very happy with my purchase. The Sonos speaker is well manufactured, looks good, was easy to set up through the Sonos app and most importantly, has decent sound quality.5
perfect table lampShazaroonieAbsolutely love this lamp, beautiful to look at and the sound quality when playing music is fantastic. Would highly recommend.5
Beautiful lamp, awful Sonos softwareRyan_002The lamp itself is beautiful, the sound is amazing. Unfortunately its totally let down by the Sonos music player app which you must use. The music player options and settings are very limited. Songs stop randomly, and connection often drops (eventhough in same room as router, which is brand new, and the lamp is connected by ethernet).2
Genius!Blondie155Bought this for my daughter and she absolutely loves it! The lamp is stylish and the sound quality is amazing and very easy to set up and connect to. I would highly recommend this product to anyone.5
Pleasantly surprisedtreborseniorThis is an ok Sonos & IKEA product. The lamp/shade section actually larger than I realised but it’s ok. The smoked grey is quite nice to look at. Choose your ‘bulb’ carefully as it needs the right wattage to get the best out of it The speaker sounds good, quite a good tone compared to my other Sonos products - it’s noticeably similar to the Play:1 speaker for example My only dislike is the rotary switch on the side for the lamp on/off, it just seems a bit afterthought to be honest. I’d have preferred a cable switch but that’s obviously a subjective personal opinion4
**Review change** superb speaker / nice lightMark123456789I’ve posted a review but I’m going to change it. I never realised on the Apple devices you could use airplay. So it means you don’t have to connect to the Sonos app. This makes a huge difference therefore it makes the speaker miles better. Still don’t understand the lack of Bluetooth in today’s day and age however I’m much more happier and will now be keeping it. The sound is superb and I like the design of the light. Going to bang in a smart bulb to make it even better. Thanks4
Great addition to sonos systemRadekalI got this speaker as an addition to my bedroom sonos system. Sound quality wise it is comparable to sonos play one. It connects to the existing setup without any problems and can be controlled with sonos app or streamed directly with airplay. Design wise it looks great. It is worth to consider purchasing one of the remote lightbulbs which also change colours , which gives great ambiance.5
Sounds good, looks goodElly12345I now have 2 of these which provide wrap around sound after being paired with my Sonos sound bar (pairing them was a piece of cake) and have the added bonus of being able to connect them to my iPhone using air play (also a piece of cake and actually happened by accident the first time which was a wonderful surprise). In terms of them being a table lamp they are perfect for adding light around a room rather than having one large bright light. I have put HIVE bulbs in mine so they can be controlled by my smart phone and via Alexa if I’m feeling lazy.5
Great sound, look and works perfectly.Rosco1980Works absolutely perfectly with the rest of my Sonos products and at the same time looks great! It sounds just as good as the Sonos one. I have complimented the lamp with a wifi bulb to take it to the next level.5
Great speaker. Pairs well with smart bulbDocstfIf you think £150 is a lot for a lamp, you'd be quite right. Except that you can easily spend that much for a lamp in some well known department stores. But £150 for a WiFi speaker isn't a lot, especially if you consider that it's made by Sonos, who are well regarded for their products. The speaker itself is pretty good. For its size, there is a fair amount of bass, but it falls a little short on the mid notes and higher notes. The sound itself is very directional, and doesn't really fill up our average sized bedroom. In fact, compared to the Beoplay S3 we had, the sound just isn't the same quality. However, the convenience of using the Sonos app (and unlike the other reviewer have had no issues at all with it on a couple of android phones) balances to an extent the sound quality. That said, it's pretty good value for money if you think of this as a £30 lamp and £120 Sonos speaker. I have a feeling that getting a second lamp and using them as a stereo pair would significantly improve the quality of the sound and how well it fills the room. Just need to save that up and will update review if I do get another one.5
Not worth the moneyMrs AiFantastic speaker but the app to control it is absolutely useless! IKEA are fantastic and creative with their products, however this collaboration with Sonos is an absolute fail! The sound from the speaker is really good, great bass and sound quality. Unfortunately you can’t use the product without the Sonos app. When you go to change the music, the app says it’s searching for the speaker which is already playing. The amount of times we had to reset and reinstall the app was frustrating! We put in our WiFi password as requested but the app kept saying the password was incorrect! If it had a Bluetooth connection, it would be perfect. Its worse if you use an apple device. You just can’t get it to work seamlessly. It keeps tripping off and the app is continuously crashing. I can’t believe they’ve come up with such a great idea and can’t even get it to work right. My husband and I returned for a refund. We’ll be investing that money into a good Bluetooth speaker instead.1
Fantastic sound quality, design choice lacks lightFrakchardPros Fantastic sound quality which rivals, and has a tighter bass response in my opinion to the sonos one Cons If you are looking for light over looks, please buy the white version of this speaker. The black version comes with a frosted black glass cover, which obscures light and makes your bulb seem like it’s trapped in the middle of the lamp. The white version of this product, has a white glass cover, which is completely Illuminated by your bulb providing much more light.5

Table lamp with WiFi speaker, black

Use with a LED bulb E14 max 7W, sold separately.


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SYMFONISK Table lamp with WiFi speaker, black



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IKEAE1776 SYMFONISKThis luminaire is compatible with bulbs of the energy classes
Brand nameIKEA
Model identifierE1776 SYMFONISK
This luminaire is compatible with bulbs of the energy classesA++ to B
Average energy classA++