POINSETTIA Potted plant, Poinsettia, 14 cm
POINSETTIA Potted plant, Poinsettia, 14 cm
Article Number604.788.43

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Decorate your home with plants combined with a plant pot to suit your style.Native to Mexico.This plant is sensitive to dry surroundings. This may be the cause if the leaves start to fall off.This plant is sensitive to over watering. Too much water in the pot can restrict the oxygen flow to the roots, causing damage to the plant.Flowering plants bloom between a few days and several months depending on the quality of the care.The plant can cause allergies or skin irritation if you are allergic or sensitive in other ways.
  • Plant/ Substrate:Cultivated potted plant
    Pot:Polypropylene plastic
    OthersOnly for decoration, not suitable for consumption.
    PlacementFor indoor usePlace in a bright and sunny area.
    TemperatureMinimum temperature 18°C.
    WaterWater moderately.
  • POINSETTIAPotted plantArticle no.:604.788.43
    Length: 40 cmWeight: 0.78 kgDiameter: 40 cmPackage(s): 1

Product size

Diameter of plant pot: 
14 cm
Height of plant: 
30 cm

Potted plant, Poinsettia14 cm

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POINSETTIA Potted plant, Poinsettia, 14 cm