PAXPair of sliding door frames w rail, white

PAX Pair of sliding door frames w rail, aluminium, 150x201 cm
PAX Pair of sliding door frames w rail, black, 200x201 cm
PAX Pair of sliding door frames w rail, white, 150x201 cm

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Sliding doors are a great choice for saving room, since they don’t take up any space when opened. Complete these sliding with panels in a colour and a material that suits you and your home.

Article Number802.502.69

Product details

10 year guarantee. Read about the terms in the guarantee brochure.

To be completed with panels for sliding door frame.

Product is possible to recycle or use for energy recovery, if available in your community.


IKEA of Sweden

Article Number802.502.69
  • Door frame/ Cover strip:

    Aluminium, Epoxy/polyester powder coating


    Aluminium, Anodized

    Wipe clean with a cloth dampened in a mild cleaner.

    Wipe dry with a clean cloth.

  • We want to have a positive impact on the planet. That is why by 2030, we want all materials in our products to be recycled or renewable, and sourced in responsible ways.


Width: 150 cm

Height: 201 cm

Built-in depth: 8.0 cm

Thickness: 2.3 cm

  • PAX
    Pair of sliding door frames w railArticle no.802.502.69

    Width: 25 cm

    Height: 8 cm

    Length: 201 cm

    Weight: 15.88 kg

    Package(s): 1


Bedroom storage sortedVerified BuyerOnce it was installed and filled there is no doubt that the system solved all my bedroom storage issues from undies to shoes! All out of sight and contained. Had Task Rabbit to install and it took them all day, and even they had issues with the installation despite knowing the product and having erected before. Looks good and, in the end, I'm glad I bought it.5
FlimsyVerified BuyerMuch flimsier than I remember, the smaller depth one also skimped on bar at bottom at back the deeper ones have2
Great wardrobeVerified BuyerLove it I has it assembled too many bits for me5
GoodVerified BuyerGood5
Looks greatVerified BuyerVery crittal style looking doors. Very pleased with them.5
Pax sliding DoorsVerified BuyerBrilliant Piece of Kit5
Good system at a reasonable priceAnonymous reviewerWe have used this system before and it is well made and good quality. The finish looks very professional.5
My husband had build dozensVerified BuyerMy husband had build dozens of this and the last one we bought has an annoying noise when closing the slide door.2
What a bargainVerified BuyerBought a display set of wardrobes and there were a couple of minor parts missing after they dissembled it and the customer service sorted us out.5
Looks good but poor instructionsRuffles73This was the most complex item I have ever built from Ikea and took a long time to build. Looked good once built2
OkSpiderfrommarsLooks ok. About right proportions.3
Quality ProductPaul GeeJust needs some patience and definitely two people to build / manoeuvre. All a good clear floor space to work from. We cleared the room. All told looks great.5
Mrs shahzadThe worst ever to build extremely complicated and time consuming.gave my husband the biggest headache ever to build not good at all1
PAX wardrobe with mirrored doorsGodolphin manVery pleased with the PAX wardrobe, fantastic finished product, very configurable to meet all needs. Easy to build due to clear instructions .Would have been good if rear panels were vinyl faced on front and back surfaces.5
Pair of sliding door frames with mirrorsChristineuk62Wardrobe looks good. My son and brother faced many problems putting the doors on. The doors are on but the soft close feature had to be omitted because the instructions weren't clear enough3
Soft closing for sliding doorBahadorIt was very complicated to assemble this door and add soft closing mechanism. After watching couple of videos on YouTube I was able to finally make it work2
2 persons at least to build!Hamist the WestieIt may be a good idea for Ikea to rate the difficulty level from 1 to 5 to assemble any given item. This would rate as a difficult 5! With the glass mirror panels in place, they are really heavy and to build and move, then to hang is definitely not easy. You also are aware that cracking the mirror panels would be fairly easy if you are not really carefull.2
Les 56excellent, hardy wardrobe doors at a reasonable price. Good and sturdy which we needed4
Solid frame - and easy to assemble on your ownJolie27Bought this as part of our new Pax wardrobe system. I found the two doors really easy to assemble on my own which was a great surprise! I would just say you need to make sure you have quite a large floor space to construct the doors - I struggled for space but still managed it, but it would be easier if you had room to walk round the whole frame while assembling. Even with the mirrored panels, which are heavy, I managed to hang both doors easily on my own. One tip would be make sure that you remove the protective film from the panel inserts before assembling - I hoped they would protect the panels and I could remove after assembly but instead they got stuck in the frame and I had to disassemble and reassemble again. Not an issue but would have been better for me to get it right first time!5

Because one size doesn't fit all

Have a little look around — not too obviously, just a peek. Chances are, even if it's just different coloured socks or another colour of scarf, there's no one dressing exactly the same as you right now.

Which is why it stands to reason that our clothes storage shouldn't be exactly the same either. It's this idea that led us to develop the PAX/KOMPLEMENT clothes and shoes storage. Designed so that no matter your passion, fashion or personality, your clothes and accessories will have a practical home.

The evolution of storage

It just takes a flick through a photo album to see that some of the clothes we used to love might make us wonder 'what was I thinking?' today. And as the way we dress has changed over the years, so too has our approach to making storage at IKEA. That's why we've designed PAX/KOMPLEMENT clothes and shoes storage to adapt to how you would like to store your things, rather than trying to fit your clothes and accessories into an unsuitable space. An idea that's shaped its whole development.

The only similarity is difference

“Most people dream of having an organised wardrobe where they can see all their clothes and accessories. But that's where the similarities end", says Betina Tviis Larsson who developed the PAX/KOMPLEMENT system. Traditional storage often shoehorns you into doing things a set way, whether its folding t-shirts or sorting out a sock drawer – something Betina wanted PAX/KOMPLEMENT to step away from. "We didn't want to say there's a right way or wrong way to keep your clothes. If you want to hang your jeans by their belt loops we want you to be able to do it”, Betina says.

Multiple personality order

To get the design process off on the right foot, the design team focused on what kinds of storage do different people need. "We started by speaking to a lot different people in the team and around IKEA", Betina explains. "To try and determine different personalities and different needs. And what we ending up with was this big inventory of preferences and types of things that needed to be stored". By designing around personalities, the team started to develop types of storage that would fit collectors and families just as easily as minimalists and people with very little space. "The whole idea that defined the project became, don't change your personality, change your wardrobe instead", Betina says.

Fitting in function

Bringing this research together, the result is a series of interior organisers that can be adapted for particular uses, from multipurpose drawers and hangers, to specific features for everything from shoes, to trousers, to jewellery. The idea is that each organiser can be mixed or repeated as you choose, so if you want to store your whole sneaker collection inside, or have everything hanging, you can. "I really like to use space in a good way", Betina says. "With this system you can tailor your one wardrobe frame into hundreds of combinations." So whether you're a 'super organiser' or a 'piler' type of clothes person we hope you'll be able to match your storage to suit your style.

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What is aluminium?

After iron, aluminium is the world's most used metal and has a very wide range of uses. It’s easy to shape and lightweight, but is still strong and durable. In our range we use it for things like kitchen utensils, curtain rods and tealight cups. A big advantage with aluminium is that it can be recycled again and again without losing its quality. Recycling consumes only a fraction of the energy required to produce aluminium from new raw materials.