KUNGSBACKA Door, matt white, 30x60 cm
KUNGSBACKA Door, matt white, 30x60 cm
KUNGSBACKA Door, matt white, 30x60 cm
KUNGSBACKA Door, matt white, 30x60 cm

A clean modern expression with a soft, matte white finish. KUNGSBACKA kitchen fronts are made from recycled materials to reduce waste of resources by giving new life to discarded materials.

Article Number004.188.09

Product details

KUNGSBACKA is a modern kitchen door with a 45 degree chamfer at the top and bottom which enhances the horizontal lines in your kitchen.The kitchen door is made of recycled wood dressed in a foil of recycled plastic to reduce the waste of resources and give new life to the plastic.You can choose to mount the door on the right or left side.25 year guarantee. Read about the terms in the guarantee brochure.The particleboard is made from recycled wood and the foil is made from recycled plastic from PET bottles.Complete with UTRUSTA 110° hinge with built-in damper for kitchen, 2-pack, sold separately.To be completed with 2 hinges.To be completed with a knob or a handle.May be completed with KUNGSBACKA cover panels, plinths and decorative strips in matt white.Designer

J Löfgren/J Pettersson

Article Number004.188.09
  • Basematerial:Particleboard
    Front side/ Backside:Plastic foil (min. 90% recycled)
    Edge:Plastic edging (min. 90% recycled)
    Wipe dry with a clean cloth.Wipe clean with a soft cloth dampened in water and a mild non-abrasive washing-up detergent or soap, if necessary.
  • By using sawmill leftovers and scrap wood in the particle board in this product, we make use of whole trees and not only the trunks. That way, we take better care of resources.By using recycled plastic in this product, we consume less new raw materials and lower our environmental impact while existing materials get new life.
  • KUNGSBACKADoorArticle no.004.188.09
    Width: 30 cmHeight: 2 cmLength: 69 cmWeight: 2.58 kgPackage(s): 1

Product size

29.7 cm
System, height: 
60.0 cm
System, width: 
30.0 cm
59.7 cm
1.8 cm


Good old fashioned sugar soap is what you needSugar Soap FanI love the Matt black look of the kunsbacka and I’m happy, too with the functionality and design of my IKEA kitchen. It’s true that marks are visible. However, I was so keen on it that I went ahead regard;ess of the reviews; I don’t regret it. I wipe the doors down with Tetrion ready to use sugar soap - comes in a spray bottle - and an e-cloth. I have no connection whatsoever to either of these companies I just thought I would tell you exactly what I use so that you can try it or yourself.5
Avoid-only looks good short termRosytoes27Hard to clean. Doesn’t look good for long. Streaks cannot be removed no matter what is used. What a shame. It’s lovely at the beginning. Would choose differently if we’d known.1
BoycottikeaCannot keep clean, NO products work to remove fingerprints or marks, Ikea deem them fit for purpose nonetheless and we are left with a kitchen we hate.1
Impossible to keep clean.Barry1974First off, I love Ikea and it's products and the following review relates only to the Kungsbacka door fronts etc, everything else about the kitchen I would easily score 4 or 5 star however the door fronts are simply awful. Ikea was our first port of call when it came to replacing our 10 year old kitchen, however I really wish that I had read the reviews for the Kungsbacka fronts as I can only concur with the reviews before mines. We fell in love with the sleek modern style in the Matt Anthracite colour and we were delighted when we first installed them in our kitchen, they really did look fantastic...... but like the other reviewers before me, they don't look great for very long and soon become very grubby and no matter what cleaning methods to use, they just look streaky, grubby and unsightly. I even used a steam cleaner to clean them but nothing I have tried seems to work and a quick Google search reveals that in not alone in experiencing this issue. Again, it's a shane as as they look soooo good when you first instal l them but it only takes a matter of weeks for you to completely regret your choice. Don't make the same mistake as me.1
Cleaning question...DoordivaI love these doors and really are the only ones I want, but hesitant to buy them due to the cleaning issues. My question is, has anyone tried using sugar soap to remove the stubborn marks?3
Make sure you buy a magic spongeGeeraTwo years ago I took my door into IKEA so they could clean it for me. They tried everything and then used a magic sponge. You need to really, really scrub it to get the grease marks off but it somewhat comes off. I hope this helps others.1
Impractical material for the kitchenAnastasjaSleek, modern, great looking until you use the kitchen.... Ikea advice was to clean them immediately.... this does not leave the doors as new and was impractical advice. Soapy water does not leave them streak free and clean looking. Appearance rating relates to showroom appearance! Ikea please advise on how to easily clean this material because otherwise my doors and side panels will need to be returned.1
Impossible to clean- have tried everything!!PT55340These doors- where do we start! Looked great in Ikea under subtle light but my goodness you cannot keep them clean, they are impossible. You cannot remove the faintest of marks off the black ones , not sure about the white but steer clear of the black! Our kitchen looks dirty as the doors show up every fingerprint. Would NOT recommended and think Ikea should recall.1
Impossible to cleanBoxd_inI bought these for my kitchen late last year, they looked great for about a month but the moment they get grease on them or even water it is impossible to get the marks off2
Impossible to keep cleanJohn & AnnabelAfter protracted delivery issues with the new Kungsbacka we updated our whole kitchen in early 2018. At first the matt finish looked terrific. Soon it became clear that finger marks and drips were hard to remove. Looking terrible in bright sunlight. We searched high and low for cleaning tips. Eventually we settled on Dove soap, wipe off then buff hard with microfibre cloth. Then repeat twice daily. It must be absorbing moisture and grease. We and loads of disappointed customers need a solution quickly. Changing all doors is just too expensive. HELP2
DisappointedI love ikea products but wasted my money on this kitchen, it’s only been in since May and looks really shabby, the doors are porous so any water that comes into contact with it soaks in and stains, finger marks do not come off. I have complained about this and have been told it’s not a manufacturer fault , who makes kitchens that can’t be touched or come into contact with any water and simply soaks in and stains sadly there were no reviews when I purchased this kitchen so I would hate for anyone to spend a fortune on this and be as disappointed as I am.1


What are foil and laminate?

Some wood materials need protection with a durable and easy-care foil or laminate surface. The choice depends on the end use and desired finish. We often use paper foil for storage furniture, while plastic foil suits demanding areas like kitchens and bathrooms. Today, the plastic we use is mostly recycled and our goal is to use plastic from renewable sources. Laminate is made of resin-impregnated paper, which adds a durable and moisture-resistant surface for countertops.

Door, matt white30x60 cm

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KUNGSBACKA Door, anthracite, 30x60 cm
KUNGSBACKA Door, matt white, 30x60 cm
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KUNGSBACKA Door, matt white, 30x60 cm