KADRILJ Roller blind, wireless/battery-operated grey, 120x195 cm
KADRILJ Roller blind, wireless/battery-operated grey, 120x195 cm
KADRILJ Roller blind, wireless/battery-operated grey, 120x195 cm
KADRILJ Roller blind, wireless/battery-operated grey, 120x195 cm
KADRILJ Roller blind, wireless/battery-operated grey, 120x195 cm
KADRILJ Roller blind, wireless/battery-operated grey, 120x195 cm

Using the included remote control, you can adjust your blinds without having to get up from your desk. The sheer material reduces reflections of the light on your screen

Article Number904.081.51

Product details

Filters light and reduces reflections on TV and computer screens.The blind comes prepaired with the remote control and the signal repeater.For the blinds wireless functions to work, the signal repeater (included in the package) needs to be plugged in to a power socket within 10 meters from the blind.You can control your blinds wirelessly to adapt the light or create privacy depending on the activity taking place in the room.You can use TRÅDFRI gateway and IKEA Home smart app to control your wireless blinds in different ways, set them to go up and down with a timer and create several groups of wireless blinds.The blind is cordless for increased child safety.BRAUNIT battery pack is the power source to your wireless roller blind.5 year guarantee. Read about the terms in the guarantee brochure.The roller blind can not be cut.You need the TRÅDFRI gateway to use the IKEA Home smart app. Download the app for free via Google Play or App Store, depending on which mobile device you have.Add the TRÅDFRI gateway and IKEA Home smart app for control through Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit or Google Home.We continuously update the IKEA Home smart app with more functions and possibilities.Remote control included.1 rechargeable battery included.Battery charger included.Designer

David Wahl

Product size

Width of fabric: 
120 cm
Width of roller: 
124.3 cm
195 cm
2.34 m²


Great Smart BlindVerified BuyerFantastic product that looks great and easy to install.5
Fantastic smart blindsMrHarcombeThese are awesome blinds. We now have for sets in the house, with possible plans for more. They fit really easily, hook up quickly and integrate easily with our existing smart home system, Home Assistant, so we can voice control them too. What more could you want?5
Great quality but offers no privacyAndy1205The blinds are well made and simple to install. I added mine to my Smart Home set up easily. My only gripe is that they are see through and, therefore, not suitable for most rooms. If they were opaque they would be perfect.3
Electric roller blindSteve1957Easy to install and use. However it would be nice if there was an app to control the aperture and opening times of the blind(s)4
Almost goodrefinedThis electric blind does work as expected and the quality is good. Aesthecially could be more finished product however as there is no cover cap at the top to hide the rolling mechanism. I would also prefer the frame to be in white metal or chrome as looks more domestic. My biggest dissapointment about the blind is the lenght. It's just way too short. As design suggests, it is made for modern home, but the length of 195cm is not suitable for many modern windows - it should be at least 240-250cm. I bought only one blind to try for now, but will wait for an updated lenght before buying more. Thank You!3
Electric rollersBrillo padEasy to fit works well pity there are no 90cm wide5
Shades of brillianceBrillo padThe electric blinds are brilliant easy to put up and pair Shame you don’t do 90cm width5
Excellent Smart Blinds - With NigglesTom5640I have now installed the IKEA Smart Blind range in two rooms in my home. The blinds themselves are good quality & they are very easy to hang. I would definitely recommend them for anyone looking for a motorised or smart blind solution. However, the bit that lets the product down is the new blind onboarding process in the app or using the open/close remote or signal repeater. This is just not very initiative, and can take a number of tries. If you do struggle, please be assured that the product isn't faulty, you just need to reset and retry and once all connected everything will work perfectly. As no Echo or HomeKit integration yet, you also cannot have the blinds go up and down at sunset, but the timer feature within the Home Smart app (while uninitiative) does work reliably once understood. Will be buying more!4
Kadrilj Smart BlindsTechChrisGreat product, great build quality and aesthetic. Straight forward to install and to connect to hub. Only issue is that it won't connect to Alexa although that is expected soon5
Great affordable smart blindsLuke27+ Very affordable smart blinds compared to many others + Works as expected, can set a max size to prevent the blinds from overextending. + Google assistant compatible + Very simple to install the blind itself + Nice modern look - No sunrise/sunset timer, only a simple timer, logically makes the most sense especially when in the UK the sunset can vary from 4-10pm. - Limited range of blind sizes - You can have any colour, so long as it's grey - Bit complex to pair all the smart tech together4
Great product, appalingly bad instructionsBlindedByTheInstructionsGreat product, appalingly bad instructions: the product works excellently with teh app, once you 've worked it all out. the included paper instructions were absolsutly garbage, out of date, and skipped some very important set up points. When you download the ikea home APP, it works you through set up seamlessly. Throw away (OK recycle) the Grabage instructions, and then all is well.4
Electric BlindsKezaworldIf possible a way to fix max opening, my windows are 175cm drop would be a great feature. Also more colour options, I will be installing these in all bedrooms. Quiet operation and look good too, blackout works too.4

Function solution

Get the light just right!

With our roller blinds FYRTUR & KADRILJ, you can control the light from your bed, or somewhere else! Thanks to the included remote control or the IKEA TRÅDFRI app, severall wireless blinds can be controlled at the same time or individually. It’s convenient and great for all generations. Choose what sort of blind you need. FYRTUR blind blocks out the light, while KADRILJ blind filters some light through. Let them help you get just the right amount of light and set the best conditions for a good night’s sleep, or gentle waking up!

Roller blind, wireless/battery-operated grey120x195 cm

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KADRILJ Roller blind, wireless/battery-operated grey, 120x195 cm