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You can easily create your own personal pendant lamp by combining the cord set with your choice of lampshade.Light bulb sold separately. IKEA recommends LED bulb E27.Shade is sold separately.To be hung on a ceiling hook.Use an opal light bulb if you have an ordinary lamp shade or lamp and want an even, diffused distribution of light.This product bears the CE mark.For safety's sake, hang out of reach of children.Designer

IKEA of Sweden

  • Ceiling cord set:PVC plastic, 100% polyester
    Ceiling cup:Steel, Copper-plated, Clear lacquer
    Insert:Polypropylene plastic
    Bracket:Polyamide plastic
    Wipe clean with a dry cloth.
  • Special waste handling may be required. Please contact your local authorities for more information.
  • HEMMACord setArticle no.:703.139.03
    Width: 11 cmHeight: 11 cmLength: 14 cmWeight: 0.40 kgPackage(s): 1
  • Assembly instructionsHEMMA Cord set703.139.03

Technical information


Cord set

Brand nameIKEA
Model identifierT1441F HEMMA
This luminaire is compatible with bulbs of the energy classesA++ to D

Product size

Cord length: 
1.8 m
Max. load: 
2 kg


Visually pleasing fixture for pendant lightPat8888This works well with the Nymo lampshade. But it is quite difficult to coil the cord inside the fixture even when around 50cm of the cord is visible3
Problem with the baseJay T 77Lovely looking, however the best doesn't fit flush to the ceiling.2
Looks goodBenababeGreat looking but needs additional parts which Ikea don’t always stick for installing3
Difficult to fitAJCHCord far too long and has to be balled up and squashed into the fitting which is dangerous as it puts pressure on the electrical wires. Electrical clips that hold the wires in are not secure and the bare wires come out with even a bit of pressure - should have small screws to tighten like a proper fitting would. Returned and wouldn’t buy again.1
Not Very goodBeccaLKeep falling down Lost receipt so couldn't take back Possibly got what I paid for Cheap price cheap designer2
Stylish but terrible to fitCmnotsosparkyNeeds a ceiling hook which is fine but would prefer to be told on outside packaging. Impossible to fit flush to ceiling, currently half dangling off ceiling. Avoid!2
Looks nice, but terrible to fitlewis1939817238812We bought 3 of these pendant light fittings to sit in a row. Each one requires a ceiling hook in order to bind the fitting to the ceiling. The position of our lights meant the ceiling hooks would be going into the plasterboard on plastic plasterboard fittings which are strong enough to hold the lights. The issue comes with making sure each light is the same height when flush to the ceiling. In order to have the fitting flush to the ceiling you need to pull the cord and push up on the fitting at the same time. It makes it difficult to get 3 at the same height. I also had the issue where I pulled on the cord too much and the hook came loose. These would be far better if they had a base that was screwed into the ceiling, then the unit screwed onto the base. Even if it meant spending extra. I'd never buy these light fittings again.2
Ridiculous fitting arrangementCJN1965This was a nightmare to put up. Had to go and buy a hook and took ages to get it flush and fitted properly. Would not buy again or recommend1
Great ceiling pendantNicola SumnerGreat ceiling pendant. Cord can be at what length you wish. Would be good if the little hook was supplied.5
PandGLooks good. However it needs a mounting bracket to improve attachment to the ceiling.3
Would not recommendLaima BNot thought through how to attach to the ceiling, you have to have spare hook and it still is wobbly and does not reach ceiling. Ikea always has good inventions but this unfortunately was a fail.1
Poor ConnectionJoeE85The device doesn't fit properly in my ceiling light the cable constantly seems slack. they fitting does look lovely but the only way i could get it to stay in place was using the a ceiling ross and a lot of sealant, personally i wouldn't use again,1
Not fit for purposeIMumby86Impossible to get to fit flush against the ceiling. I tried everyway I could think of to try and get it flush but had to throw it away in the end and buy a rose that screws in to the ceiling. Seriously, trust me on this, don't buy it.1
Stylish light pendant but.....Ash0402Nice selection of choices regarding color, we have 3 matching over our dining table with brunsta lamp shades they look great. They are however let down by the Method used to keep the top cup/cover in place, it is simply held up by tightening a lug around the hanging flex sealing the cup to the ceiling. This is very fiddly to get right and even then seems to sag and appear to hang loose from the ceiling ruining the whole look.3
Very badly designedNothappy321Looks very good in the shop. Come to fit it at home and it isn’t supplied with a hook. Then when you’ve been out and bought a hook the way it wires-in is cheap and not very reassuring and the fitment to the ceiling is nothing short of the worst way I’ve ever had to fit a light. Who hooks a light up?! It should be positively screwed to the roof and then to get the right length you have to wind it all up in a ball behind the fixture which then means it then hangs a bit lower than it should so there is now a gap to the roof. Do not recommend.1
Poor qualitySailorjohnPoor quality item, materials awful and fixture really difficult to put In place. Spend a little more, save a lot of effort.1
Hemma Cord SetBlueEyes4250Very disappointed with this product - it does not fit flush to the ceiling and it should come complete with the hook. It looks good in the box but fails to meet expectations when in situ. Not recommended.1
Sadly awfulTricky VBrought this as it looks lovely and seemed to guide you with what you had to buy to put it up at home. BUT no hook with it or even the mention that it will need a hook and then when you do have a hook and follow the instructions you can't get it to go flush to the ceiling at all due to the hook and then it hangs wonky so looks rubbish! I've now got two pendants I can't use - total waste of money.1
Cord pendent holderHondaladySimply but with a touch of class, easy to fit, but needed to cut cord to length as it wouldn’t sit flush to the ceiling otherwise. Made my kitchen feel more modern4
TroubleGorryI love this product but you should have put the hook in package as well could of been a better way of doing it than that.4

Cord set, textile/copper-colour1.8 m

Light bulb sold separately. IKEA recommends LED bulb E27. Shade is sold separately.
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HEMMA Cord set, textile/copper-colour, 1.8 m



Energy class

IKEAT1441F HEMMAThis luminaire is compatible with bulbs of the energy classes
Brand nameIKEA
Model identifierT1441F HEMMA
This luminaire is compatible with bulbs of the energy classesA++ to D