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FRIHETEN Corner sofa-bed with storage, Skiftebo dark grey

FRIHETEN Corner sofa-bed with storage, Skiftebo dark grey

Price £ 699

10 year guarantee

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FRIHETEN Corner sofa-bed with storage, Bomstad black
FRIHETEN Corner sofa-bed with storage, Hyllie dark grey
FRIHETEN Corner sofa-bed with storage, Skiftebo blue
FRIHETEN Corner sofa-bed with storage, Skiftebo dark grey

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After a good night’s sleep, you can effortlessly convert your bedroom or guest room into a living room again. The built-in storage is easy to access and spacious enough to stow bedding, books and PJs.

Article Number091.335.43

Product details

This sofa converts quickly and easily into a spacious bed when you remove the back cushions and pull out the underframe.

Sofa, chaise longue and double bed in one.

Storage space under the chaise longue. The lid stays open so you can safely and easily take things in and out.

You can place the chaise longue section to the left or right of the sofa, and switch whenever you like.

10 year guarantee. Read about the terms in the guarantee brochure.


IKEA of Sweden

Weight & measurements

Depth: 151 cm

Seat depth: 78 cm

Seat height: 44 cm

Bed width: 140 cm

Bed length: 204 cm

Height including back cushions: 86 cm

Height backrest: 66 cm

Width: 230 cm


Large & practical sofa Verified ReviewerVery practical, large sofa bed, spacious storage , ability to change the shape the side it fits your room. Very pleased with it .5
Beware moving it too muchVerified ReviewerComfy enough and looks good, but beware moving it around too much. The sides and back panels fit together with metal dowels which do little to keep them together. It's the storage box that screws to these panels that keeps the large sides solid, and the seat on the other side keeps the end on. Unfortunately moving it has weakened the storage box and it has split at the corner which means the side and back panels move more than they should. It's a bad design. It would be better to have sides and back that screw together first and then fit the seat and storage box to them. Not great quality.2
The 10 year guarentee is a joke.Verified ReviewerWe got our sofa bed during the sofa shortage during lockdowns in 2021. We were very pleased with the purchase initially. It has gone up in price a lot since then. 99% of the time it is only used by my husband and I to watch TV, the other 1% we might have a guest stay overnight. Last year we started to notice that it was slowly falling apart from no apparent cause. My husband and I are pretty sensible people, the wear and tear from us would be pretty minimal compared to the average household. There are no kids, no pets, and very few guests. We've been trying to get IKEA to do something about the parts that are coming apart as it still under warranty, but they said that it's caused by "undue force". Now if undue force is simply sitting and watching TV on the sofa and playing video games sometimes, I'd argue that either your sofas are not built for purpose or ours really is faulty and they're not honouring their 10 year warranty. I doubt it will survive the year, we are so disappointed.2
Poor quality for the money you payVerified ReviewerThis is a practical sofa bed with a nice appearance but.. I bought this 8 years ago and the last 2 years it started falling apart, the base is sinking and it is not on the same height in all parts you sit on. The storage corner is very saggy now and can't be used. It has also been a pain as every time you pull out the sofa bed portion, it detaches and you have to slide it back again to the sofa. I am very disappointed as I expected it to last longer as it is not overused and well maintained2
Poor quality leatherVerified ReviewerI bought this sofa 6 years ago. Is finished now. The leather is falling apart, chipping and breaking, mini leather pieces contstatly chipping and causing debris on flooring2
Very goodVerified ReviewerVery good5
EddyVerified ReviewerQuality not good. One month after, fabric getting hairy. Used for two months, all the cushion was flat and the sitting area was sagging after 3months. 2
SofaVerified ReviewerIt is very comfortable, and looks lovely. but it has gone bobbley on the seating.4
too expensiveVerified ReviewerIn Polish IKEA this sofa is priced at £4003
Great sofa and value for moneyVerified ReviewerLove this sofa 😊 It is definitely firm, but with that comes support. Personally think the price is really reasonable for its size and the 10yr guarantee you get. Went for the blue which is a lush colour. It's also comfy as a sofa bed but definitely not for extended periods but then again what sofa bed is! They aren't really designed for that! Only negative is the screws supplied to fit the casters are rubbish quality and the screw heads seemed to disintegrate easily which was slightly irritating being one of the last steps! Overall a really great sofa and would recommend and buy again 🙂5
QualityVerified ReviewerGood quality and very comfy5
Sofá bedVerified ReviewerVery easy to assemble and comfortable, good quality5
Sofa bedVerified ReviewerI was looking for a sofa bed for my guest room come man cave this fits the bill fantastic it converts into a bed in seconds it has storage space where I keep a mattress topper for extra comfort. It’s quite comfortable as a sofa also and the blue is a stunning colour 🙂🙂5
Misleading product, incredibly uncomfortableVerified ReviewerThe Friheten I tried in the store was comfortable. And seemed solid. The one I’ve just had delivered and which I assembled costing me £750 is extremely firm, like sitting on a stack of cardboard, and as a result incredibly uncomfortable. The wood also squeaks! I can’t use this as a basic sofa let alone a sofa bed. The level of comfort resembles NOTHING like the one I sat on in the store. And due to Ikea’s ridiculous return policy of needing to return everything in brand new resellable condition in all the original packaging, when you’re talking something the size of a sofa delivered in multiple enormous boxes, and without a suitable vehicle myself, I have no idea how or if I can return this. Without a doubt I 100% regret this purchase.1
Shocking QualityVerified ReviewerI purchased this a month ago. The fabric is already badly pilling. I contacted customer service and they refuse to do anything about it as the fabric is not guaranteed. Don't bother buying.1
Poor QualityVerified ReviewerBought this back in 2019 and was initially happy. However after not much use the foam in the arm rest has shifted so that when you rest against it, you feel the sharp edge of the frame. This is supposedly "simply appears to be from natural wear and tear" according to IKEA so will not repair. Not something I expect from such an expensive item and suggest looking elsewhere.1
Great value for moneyVerified ReviewerIt is great, functional, not too comfy though4
Not easy to openVerified ReviewerWe bought this product a week back and we are now struggling with this we try to slide and open it is not coming out now my sofa is half open. We fixed this sofa from task rabbit guys who is working for ikea. How do I claim for refund or exchange. I am not happy with this product.1
Amazing sofa-bedVerified ReviewerI have been using the sofa for 4 mths now and looks very elegant, doesn't take too much space and I find it very comfortable. Whilst I thought is a bit firm in the beginning, now is much softer. I use it every day to relax after work and I even used it to sleep on it on occasion. I was quite circumspect when I purchased it due to some reviews but is a very good sofa which you can covert in a guest bed with no effort. I hope it lasts a long time because I absolutely love it.5
Really like this sofa bed but poor quality and customer serviceVerified ReviewerWe have had this sofa bed since 2019. Over the years it has been used as a bed a few times. I personally have slept on it and found it very comfortable. However, after a few uses we realised it isn't very stable. The part that you pull out and up keeps collapsing in on itself. I reported this to customer service and hoped to get the part replaced under the 10 year guarantee. Turns out that the 10 year guarantee only came into place in 2020, so nothing can be done for us. This is extremely disappointing. A sofa bed should last longer than this has, especially as it has been very lightly used and very well looked after. Reading the other reviews it seems this may be a common issue with this product. We are left having to buy a new sofa bed, at great expense. When we do some to purchase one, I'm not sure we will chose IKEA now.2