BESTÅ TV bench with drawers, oak effect/Lappviken white, 120x42x48 cm
BESTÅ TV bench with drawers, oak effect/Lappviken white, 120x42x48 cm
BESTÅ TV bench with drawers, oak effect/Lappviken white, 120x42x48 cm
BESTÅ TV bench with drawers, oak effect/Lappviken white, 120x42x48 cm
BESTÅ TV bench with drawers, oak effect/Lappviken white, 120x42x48 cm
BESTÅ TV bench with drawers, oak effect/Lappviken white, 120x42x48 cm

All you need to keep the area around the TV tidy. You get lots of storage space and relief from unruly cables. Choose a ready combination or create your own. This is just one of many, many possibilities.

Article Number091.882.29

Product details

The drawers have integrated push-openers, so you don’t need knobs or handles and can open the drawer with just a light push.It’s easy to keep the cables from your TV and other devices out of sight but close at hand, as there are several cable outlets at the back of the TV bench.The two drawers make it easy to keep remote controls, game controllers and other TV accessories organised.The legs raise your BESTÅ combination from the floor, giving it a light airy look and making it easy to clean the floor underneath.The cable outlet at the top lets cables run down smoothly into the TV bench.This furniture must be fixed to the wall with the enclosed wall fastener.This TV bench can take a max load of 50 kg on the top.Different wall materials require different types of fixing devices. Use fixing devices suitable for the walls in your home, sold separately.Interior accessories that help you organise inside your BESTÅ are sold separately.Designer

IKEA of Sweden

Article Number091.882.29
  • TV bench
    Top panel/ Bottom panel/ Side panel/ Partition:Particleboard, Honeycomb structure paper filling (100% recycled), Fibreboard, Paper foil, ABS plastic, Polypropylene plastic
    Back:Fibreboard, Paper foil, Plastic foil
    Board on frame:Fibreboard, Particleboard, Honeycomb structure recycled paper filling, Foil, Plastic edging
    Panel:Particleboard, Paper foil, Paper foil
    Drawer frame
    Particleboard, Foil
    Drawer runner, push-open
    Galvanized steel
    Drawer front
    Particleboard, Paper foil, Plastic edging
    Solid oak, Stain, Clear acrylic lacquer
    Supporting leg
    Steel, Powder coating
    Wipe clean with a damp cloth.Wipe clean with a dry cloth.Check regularly that all assembly fastenings are properly tightened and retighten when necessary.
  • This product comes as 12 packages.
    BESTÅTV benchArticle no.502.945.09
    Width: 41 cmHeight: 11 cmLength: 125 cmWeight: 16.00 kgPackage(s): 1
    BESTÅShelfArticle no.502.955.42
    Width: 36 cmHeight: 2 cmLength: 59 cmWeight: 2.47 kgPackage(s): 2
    BESTÅDrawer frameArticle no.903.515.12
    Width: 34 cmHeight: 5 cmLength: 54 cmWeight: 3.07 kgPackage(s): 2
    BESTÅDrawer runner, push-openArticle no.003.487.17
    Width: 5 cmHeight: 5 cmLength: 37 cmWeight: 1.00 kgPackage(s): 2
    LAPPVIKENDrawer frontArticle no.102.916.78
    Width: 26 cmHeight: 2 cmLength: 66 cmWeight: 1.60 kgPackage(s): 2
    STUBBARPLegArticle no.802.935.65
    Width: 10 cmHeight: 5 cmLength: 14 cmWeight: 0.44 kgPackage(s): 2
    BESTÅSupporting legArticle no.502.936.04
    Width: 10 cmHeight: 4 cmLength: 36 cmWeight: 0.25 kgPackage(s): 1

Product size

120 cm
42 cm
48 cm
Max. load: 
50 kg


Great modern designoasmLooks really modern and simple when in white with gloss drawers fronts. Wall mounts securely. Good sized drawers with easy to use adjustment to get it looking perfect. Easy to put together (just make sure you use the correct orientation and holes on the drawer front and it goes together perfectly) and the push to open works smoothly.5
Extremely poor qualityHC365The shelves once fitted were not level and are not adjustable. The drawers were also not straight once fitted. They were so wonky they would not close, even once they had been adjusted. I had to drill additional holes and move the runners in order to get it straight enough to even close the drawers. One of the drawer fronts was also delivered with a chip in it.1
Poor IkeaNorfolkboyI assembled this unit as per the provided instructions, which were poor, and upon inserting the drawer units I saw that they are misaligned. The drawers touch at the top and space out at the bottom, I thought I could live with this fault but as it is a focal point in the room it will have to go, shame as I had also bought several packets of screw covers to cover the multitude of unused holes on view1
Good TV CabinetCloughdaThis TV cabinet was perfect for the space we had and looked good with a 55” TV on it. Only negative was that when sitting in front of the TV the two securing bracket holes at either end of the area below the top shelf can be viewed and spoil the look. I am sure Ikea can fix this small problem with some type of cover for the hole.4
Appalling Draw FitI purchased three units the Liatorp units were very good, the Besta unit is poor, the draw fit is so bad that I have removed them as I cannot stand looking at the poor result. I hope that I am able to get extra shelves and change the unit into a bookshelf, then throw the drawers away1

TV bench with drawers, oak effect/Lappviken white120x42x48 cm

Interior accessories that help you organise inside your BESTÅ are sold separately.
Black-brown/Selsviken high-gloss/beigeBlack-brown/Selsviken high-gloss/blackBlack-brown/Selsviken high-gloss/brownWhite/Selsviken high-gloss/beigeWhite/Selsviken high-gloss/whiteWhite stained oak effect/Selsviken high-gloss/beigeWhite stained oak effect/Selsviken high-gloss/whiteWhite stained oak effect/Lappviken whiteOak effect/Selsviken high-gloss/whiteBlack-brown Selsviken/high-gloss dark red-brownBlack-brown/Hanviken black-brownBlack-brown/Lappviken black-brownBlack-brown/Lappviken light greyBlack-brown/Notviken grey-greenBlack-brown/Notviken blueOak effect/Lappviken light greyWhite/Hanviken whiteWhite/Lappviken light greyWhite/Lappviken whiteWhite/Notviken blueWhite/Notviken grey-greenWhite Selsviken/high-gloss dark red-brownWhite stained oak effect/Lappviken light greyWhite stained oak effect/Lappviken white stained oak effectWhite stained oak effect/Notviken grey-greenBlack-brown/Lappviken/Stubbarp black-brownBlack-brown/Hanviken/Stubbarp black-brownBlack-brown/Lappviken/Stubbarp light greyOak effect/Lappviken/Stubbarp light greyWhite/Hanviken/Stubbarp whiteWhite/Lappviken/Stubbarp light greyWhite/Lappviken/Stubbarp whiteWhite stained oak effect/Lappviken/Stubbarp light greyWhite stained oak effect/Lappviken/Stubbarp white stained oak effectBlack-brown/Selsviken/Stallarp high-gloss/beigeBlack-brown/Selsviken/Stallarp high-gloss/blackBlack-brown/Selsviken/Stallarp high-gloss/brownBlack-brown Selsviken/Stallarp/high-gloss dark red-brownBlack-brown/Notviken/Stubbarp blueBlack-brown/Notviken/Stubbarp grey-greenOak effect/Selsviken/Stallarp high-gloss/whiteWhite/Notviken/Stubbarp blueWhite/Notviken/Stubbarp grey-greenWhite/Selsviken/Stallarp high-gloss/beigeWhite Selsviken/Stallarp/high-gloss dark red-brownWhite/Selsviken/Stallarp high-gloss/whiteWhite stained oak effect/Notviken/Stubbarp grey-greenWhite stained oak effect/Selsviken/Stallarp high-gloss/beigeWhite stained oak effect/Selsviken/Stallarp high-gloss/white
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BESTÅ TV bench with drawers, oak effect/Lappviken white, 120x42x48 cm