ALOE VERA Potted plant, Aloe, 15 cm
ALOE VERA Potted plant, Aloe, 15 cm
ALOE VERA Potted plant, Aloe, 15 cm
ALOE VERA Potted plant, Aloe, 15 cm

This plant is easy to care for – and can reach an age of over 100 years with proper care. No wonder it was called the "immortal plant". It can also boost your well-being and make your home more vibrant.

Article Number803.874.08

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Decorate your home with plants combined with a plant pot to suit your style.Native to South Africa.Easy care plant.Slow growing.Give your plants a boost with fertiliser every month. If you notice that the plant has gone dormant - let it be until next season.IKEA provides all potted plants with nutrient-rich soil, repotting is not needed until 1 year after purchase.Remove dust every now and then to allow the plant to get as much light as possible.
Article Number803.874.08
  • Cultivated potted plant
    OthersOnly for decoration, not suitable for consumption.
    WaterWater sparingly.
    TemperaturePrefers warm surroundings.Minimum temperature 12°C.
    PlacementSuitable for in- and outdoor use.Place in a bright and sunny area.
  • ALOE VERAPotted plantArticle no.803.874.08
    Length: 55 cmWeight: 0.88 kgDiameter: 32 cmPackage(s): 1

Product size

Diameter of plant pot: 
15 cm
Height of plant: 
35 cm


LoveVerified BuyerLove love love5
good value for money...healthy plantVerified Buyergood value for money...healthy plant5
Aloe Vera plantVerified BuyerGood size. Value for money. Healthy looking.5
Healthy plantVerified BuyerGood value quality plant5
Very pleased with this purchaseVerified BuyerVery pleased with this purchase5
Healthy Aloe Vera PlantChanella83Lovely plant it’s been looked after well5
PerfectSamialylaGood plant definitely value for money5
Loving my plantVery comfortable chairsI've reported and can't wait for it to grow large so to get the medicinal benefits5
BeautifulSabz32Plant is beautiful, growing well.5
Easy livinga and polite plantLovingplantsQuiet, amazing and polite plan, it says good morning everyday and the color is natural green, real green, I never thought IKEA wants a review about amazing plant5
Lovely healthy plantC1arityA really nice aloe vera plant, healthy and with plenty of new shoots.5
Lovely plant.Anonymous reviewerPerfect plant - growing well.5
Wonderful Aloe VeraMapanda73Lovely plant and at such a great cost compared to the garden centres!5
Amazing Aloe veraFilippo 7The Aloe Vera plant I bought a few weeks ago is amazing value. It has adjusted to its new home and makes an impressive statement on my table.5
My AloeSofie48Love my Aloe Vera plant it brings fond memories of my childhood.. it’s a beautiful. all purpose plant5
Healthy full size Aloe Vera plantNad1aPerfect condition plant bought as a gift for someone who even noticed and commented how healthy it was5
Perfect plantMathias1I enjoy very much my visits also shoping to IKEA5
Excellent PlantGran 70This aloe vera plant is very healthy and a good size for the price- better than many garden centres.5
Perfect condition to buy for homeSushilFantastic , i use its leaves for aloe vera. Leaf, once cut, can be stored and used for two weeks or longer. It grow well indoors. Its great value , gives you organic face cream.5
Excellent value for money5

Function solution

Copes on its own

The aloe is easy to care for and also saves water in its leaves, so you don’t need to worry about leaving it alone when going on trips. In fact, with proper care the plant can reach an age of over 100 years. Its long lifespan means that it’s known as the "immortal plant". Put it in a sunny place indoors and remember that it thrives in dry soil, so don’t water it too often. By the way, did you know that plants can boost your well-being and make your home more vibrant?

Potted plant, Aloe15 cm

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ALOE VERA Potted plant, Aloe, 15 cm