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See Bo Karl’s co-designed rug and more

A two-image collage: a room with one doorway curtained, another with a rod with hangers, and an image of an IKEA co-worker.

Less doors, more space

Replacing doors with curtains can free up wall space and create an airy feel to a small apartment. Elin, IKEA Sweden, did just that – this is her story.

“We maximised the space in our apartment by removing most doors and putting up thick curtains instead. They give a sense of privacy and dampen noise, but you can also use a curtain rod in the door frame without the fabric to hang tomorrow’s outfit, air clothes or dry laundry.”

Elin Anvedal Jörnevi

IKEA Sweden

A three-image collage: a BEKVÄM stool placed by a bed, painted blue to match the room, and an image of an IKEA co-worker.

Upgrade your furniture with paint

One cool thing about flat-packed furniture is that you can get creative with each part before assembling them. Sanju Priya, IKEA India, shows us how she transformed an inexpensive step stool into a unique and colour-matched bedside table.

“This step stool is my favourite IKEA product. Before assembling it, I painted some parts to coordinate them with my bedside runner. I also framed a very special memory that I want to see every day and put it on my new bedside ‘table’. I use the second step for my phone, watch, and a book.”

Sanju Priya

IKEA India

A collage of three images: an IVAR work station, a FRIDANS roller blind covering it, and a portrait of an IKEA co-worker.

From desk to home theatre in a jiffy

Save space by making your room work double shifts. With this simple idea from Filip, IKEA Sweden, you can turn your workspace into an entertainment centre – just add a plain white blind, a projector and some popcorn.

“I like to be smart with space, and one of my best ideas was attaching a white blind above my crafts corner. It hides the clutter when I’m not there, and I can also use the blind as a screen and project films on it!”

Filip Kosatik

IKEA Sweden

A two-image collage: a block-pattern STOCKHOLM rug with coffee-bag patches sewn onto it, and a portrait of an IKEA co-worker.

Co-design an IKEA rug

Carpets have a big impact on a room – they set the style, the colour scheme and add warmth and a homey feeling. If you want your rug to be unique, here’s some inspiration from Bo Karl, IKEA Denmark.

“I wanted to add a personal touch to my dining area, so I bought a large rug and got started with needle and thread, old coffee bags and a lot of patience! I sewed details from the much thinner coffee bags directly onto it by hand without cutting the rug. I think the result looks even better than I had hoped for.”

Bo Karl Donslund

IKEA Denmark

A two-image collage: a wall storage arrangement of shelves, lamps and a HORNAVAN trolley, and an image of an IKEA co-worker.

Clever ideas that put lazy walls to work

It’s amazing how much storage you can create with just a couple of shelves, hooks and a trolley. Folding chairs add flexibility and free up floor space, and a light colour palette gives a calm, spacious look. Laura, IKEA Spain, explains:

“I created this solution in my apartment, and I’m so happy with it that I re-created it in the store where I work as well. Shelves, hooks and high glass jars keep all kinds of small but necessary things in place. I hope you love it as much as I do!”

Laura Maria Consuegra

IKEA Spain