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Turn healthy eating into a pleasure

01 September 2015

‘Food has to be a total pleasure,’ says Nor Toma, a big fan of raw food eating. ‘It’s more than the experience of eating, it’s also the preparation, creating a dish and  how you feel after eating it.’ Here’s how making the switch from cooked food to raw has helped Nor save time in the kitchen, eat tasty and waste less! See how to make wraps below.

Nor’s plates full of delicious raw food ingredients
Nor in her studio apartment kitchen

What is a raw food diet?

‘The rule I apply is not to heat food over 42°C, so the bulk of what I eat daily is unprocessed raw vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds. I got into it because I want to eat real food. What’s important for me is eating organic, local produce. I don’t do big grocery shops because part of this way of eating is listening to my body and my mood and figuring out what I want to eat. So I shop ‘in the moment’, I decide what to eat and buy just enough. It helps that there are good food shops around here. It also means there is never much in my fridge and very little food goes to waste. Of course some food is so connected to pleasure, it is hard to deny yourself. I really love mashed potatoes, eating them makes me happy, so I eat them from time to time. I’m not too strict on any diet.’

‘This way of eating is so respectful of nature and your body – it really is so good for your hair, your skin and your digestive system.’


Nor sources fresh ingredients daily according to her needs
Chopping and preparing fresh ingredients can be relaxing and rewarding

5 fast food facts to get you started

1. Sprout your own beans. ‘I use mung beans. Wash them and leave them in water overnight, then put them in a sprouting jar. Wash your beans two or three times a day. In a couple of days they’ll sprout and you have nutritious raw food grown on your own kitchen counter.’
2. Experiment by exploring different food aisles.
3. Listen to your body. ‘One day I craved cinnamon. It was weird so I looked it up. Cinnamon balances the body after a sugar binge and I had been stuffing in candy the day before!’
4. Cook for your mood. ‘I’m not a patient cook but there are times I feel like making a project of it – cooking a slow chilli for three hours, listening to a podcast, enjoying a drink.’
5. Give yourself a break – if you want a burger, have one!

‘I enjoy experimenting, it can lead to tasty surprises. I grow Thai basil at home. When I fancied cooking some kind of Thai basil coconut dish, I could have looked up recipes online but I preferred to take a look around the Thai corner of the supermarket for inspiration.’


Make tasty raw food wraps in under 10 minutes

You will need:
For the wraps: Rice paper, soy sauce, carrots, shrimps, chilli peppers, greens, cabbage, cucumber – or whatever takes your fancy.
1. Prepare vegetables by cleaning and chopping them into batons.
2. Warm some water then use it to soften your rice paper and lay the paper out flat.
3. Cover about a third of the rice paper with a mix of your ingredients then fold in the tops of the paper and roll it up into a wrap.
4. Use soy sauce as a dip, or if you prefer, add it in with the ingredients as you assemble each wrap.

Nor makes her tasty recipe raw food wraps
Nor’s beautifully decorated table and raw food treats

‘Yes I do eat pudding! I make a chocolate mousse that is so tasty. Put a ripe avocado and cocoa powder in a blender and whizz them up together so they become a mousse. It’s so easy and it’s amazing! If you want to make it sweeter, add honey and raspberries.’


Photography Polly Wreford Styling Sam Grigg