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Travel with your taste buds

17 June 2016

Want to get away without leaving home? Taste the world bite by bite. Our team dreamed up and tested out a tapas-y, travel-inspired food fest. Recipe developer and food stylist Louise Ljung created recipes based on places and dishes we love. Our interior designer Nathalie Kamkum made table settings to match, too. We think it’d be great for families, friends, neighbours, work lunches, whatever, especially as a low-key, no-stress potluck. No packing. Just snacking.

An aerial view of four tables put together and each has a different table setting and prepared foods

Japan — that’s where Nathalie would love to visit again. “Plenty of countries have their own take on dumplings, but I ate lots and lots of really good dumplings in Japan.” And even though she’s tried several times, she’s never succeeded in making good ones at home. “Louise gave me the tip of putting paper in the bamboo steamer so the dumplings don’t stick.” She served the dumplings with natural materials like bamboo and cork and created an overall light look with the white birch table and white dishes. 

Download the recipes for dumplings and dips

“There’s a bigger interest today in food. People are curious and want to test new things. Travel is an excellent opportunity to do just that.” 

Louise Ljung, recipe developer and food stylist

An aerial view of a set table with a big bowl of paella

Our digital designer Lasse dreams about a trip to Spain with lots of food and wine. He suggested paella, which he makes several times a year, mostly during summer. “It’s like a greatest hits of good flavours.” Louise’s recipe differs slightly from his because she added peas and lemon slices. “The lemon gave it an extra fresh taste.” This is Louise’s favourite recipe of the bunch because it’s great when you’re cooking for many people and can be adjusted to your budget. Nathalie went for rustic style with a solid pine table and a wide, circular serving dish that looks like a paella pan.

Download the paella recipe

There’s a Swedish saying that translates to ‘being away is good, but being home is the best’ (it rhymes lovelier in Swedish). Our editor Linda was inspired to travel back in time to warm childhood memories of being at home. She suggested a traditional Swedish dish of sausage stroganoff that her grandmother used to make. “The experience of eating this dish is nostalgic for me. I love the flavours and the smells.” Nathalie preserved the recipe’s simplicity and genuine feeling by using the pan as the serving dish.

Download the sausage stroganoff recipe

“I really like the tapas style table setting because I can never make up my mind in a restaurant. This way, I get to try everything!”

Linda Harkell, editor

An aerial view of a set table with vegetable skewers on a chopping board and dipping sauces in bowls

My travel dream is rather American — a summer day spent grilling in the shade of some old oak trees. I’d like to visit Savannah in Georgia because of its historic architecture, art and lots of parks. Louise added nectarines to my vegetable skewers (I’m vegetarian), which was a nice, sweet surprise. And the spicy mayo adds just the right kick. Nathalie amped up the easygoing barbecue feel by serving directly on chopping boards and having lots of bowls for dips.

Download the recipes for vegetable skewers and dips

An aerial view of a table with tapas-style dishes

Made by

Interior designer: Nathalie Kamkum
Recipe developer & food stylist: Louise Ljung
Digital designer: Lasse Johansson
Copywriter: Marissa Frayer
Photographer: Andrea Papini
Editor: Linda Harkell