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Tips for creating a dog-friendly hallway

01 October 2014

Wave goodbye to muddy paw-prints in the living room, a chaotic entryway and that wet dog smell. Here’s some ideas for how you can create a hallway that’s packed with clever ideas to make your life as a dog owner easier.

A traditional styled hallway with a dog standing next to his bed. Coats are hanging from a wall-mounted hat rack. A mirror and a pictures of dogs decorate the check-patterned walls and an arm chair is in the foreground.

Make coming and going with your four-legged friend a little simpler. Watch the video for inspiration.

A hat rack needn’t be just for hats. Conveniently located right by the door, it’s the ideal place to hang leads, collars and your comfiest dog-walking jacket.

A close-up of a towel rack and a toilet roll holder attached to a wall.

The bathroom is always full of smart storage solutions. Make use of towel and toilet roll holders for easy access to things like dog waste bags and towels.

A dog’s sense of smell is thousands of times better than ours. So keep tasty treats out of the way of sniffing noses using sealed jars. A wall-mounted shelf makes them harder to reach too.