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The ultimate back-to-school kitchen

01 August 2015

Getting the family back into the school routine can be tough. But you can beat the school rush by creating a station for breakfast, lunch and after-school snacks. You can even get the kids to help out.

The breakfast zone

Turn a drawer (the deeper, the better) into a one-stop breakfast shop with everything the kids need to start their day right. Divide it up into little compartments for bowls, spoons, cereal, bread, and more with the help of baskets and boxes.

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A turquoise trolley used to store content for lunch packages for kids.

The lunch zone

If you’re working with a smaller space, why not try using a trolley? The shelf on top is for the stuff they both like. Then, they each get a shelf of their own for storing their personal lunchtime essentials. Make up lunches the night before and kids can grab them on the way out in the morning.

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The snack zone

When tired and hungry kids come home from school, it’s best to have as clear a path to the after-school snacks as possible. That can be as simple as a few baskets hung from a rail. One for fruits, one for juice boxes and one with a mixed selection of favourite treats. Basically, all their favorite stuff in a row.

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