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The raw food kitchen: create space for the way you cook

01 April 2017
Your kitchen set up should reflect the food you eat and the way you prepare your meals. And if you prefer juicing your fruits and vegetables to boiling them, these tips are just what you need to bring your kitchen in line with your raw food lifestyle.
Stainless steel IKEA rails fixed across a window with containers holding wheatgrass.
Three stainless steel IKEA wall shelves holding a mass of food storage containers.
Three stainless steel IKEA rails with hooks and containers holiding different kitchen tools.

Organise the essentials

One of the most important items in a raw food kitchen is storage containers. Glass and plastic containers work great for helping your staple ingredients like nuts, seeds and spices stay fresh longer. And glass jars are essential for fermenting and sprouting foods. We like the idea of using open shelves to keep it all close to hand.
Tools you need every day are more useful when they’re quick to find. That’s why we’ve put them on display as the heroes of the kitchen that they are. Rails with hooks and containers are a good solution for all the little bits and pieces that you couldn’t live without.
Close-up of bean sprouts in IKEA jars on a shelf.
Close-up of someone crushing nuts in an IKEA pestle and mortar.
Close-up of bunches of herbs hanging by string from IKEA kitchen rail.
Stainless steel IKEA trolley with two shelves filled with fresh produce, bowls and boxes.

Maximise your workspace

Ask a raw foodie what they want more of in their kitchen and they’ll say workspace. A trolley provides just that, as well as storage and a handy mobile way to move and serve food in another room.
Collection of different food preparation machines on an IKEA worktop.

A parking lot for your kitchen gadgets

Creating great raw food meals doesn’t just happen - it takes a lot of heavy machinery! So we included a kind of parking lot in our plans for this kitchen. It’s a small nook with a worktop for storing the machines you use often and cupboards underneath for storing the machines you use every once in a while.

Whatever you do, let your kitchen cater to you.

View of the whole room with lots of stainless steel IKEA kitchen units and shelving.
Raw food can take a lot of preparation. Stainless steel worktops are ideal because they’re easy to clean. Including a lower counter section gives much-needed extra leverage when crushing veggies or juice extracting by hand.
Using units on legs makes the kitchen feel more airy – and makes it super easy to clean.