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The no-sweat home workout solution

01 February 2016

So January rolls around and it seems half the world has vowed to exercise more. But then it starts to snow. Or maybe the gym is just too pricey. Whatever your reason for working out at home, having a dedicated space that motivates and supports you can make all the difference.

A close-up image of a wall with workout equipment hanging from hooks, and a shelf holding boxes and a speaker.
Exercise equipment can be bulky, heavy, and not always that attractive. So use your wall space to keep it all organised and off the floor. Shelves provide a space for your laptop and speakers, perfect for following along with your favourite workouts online (feel free to use the top shelf to store non-workout stuff). Place the brackets close together enough to hold your yoga mat (smart!) and mount some hooks to hold jump ropes, bands, and boxing gloves. 
The KALLAX shelves are the perfect size for storing your kettlebells and free weights (we lined the bottoms with VARIERA drawer mats to keep them from scuffing and scratching), not to mention just the right height to assist your dips and raised push-ups. We cut a piece of cork sheet to fit the top, so your hands won’t slip and slide around.
A close-up image of a yoga mat stored in the brackets of a shelf.
A shot from above of a bed, bedside table, and a curtain dran to hide the wall storing workout equipment.

You know those straps you use to fasten things to your roof rack? Oddly enough, they’re perfect for hanging your exercise ball. 

We love a good on/off situation. A curtain hung from the ceiling is the secret to ours. Off? Draw it closed and forget about your workout until tomorrow. Go have that ice cream. On? Roll out your yoga mat, light a couple candles and grab a few moments of zen.

Workout equipment is stored on the wall of a bedroom on hooks and shelves, with a yoga mat rolled out on the floor in front of them.

Made by

Photographer: Micke Persson
Interior designer: Nathalie Kamkum
Digital designer: Annie Svensson
Copywriter: Vanessa Algotsson
Editor: Linda Harkell