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Small steps to a more eco-friendly bathroom

01 April 2017
When it comes to living more sustainably at home, most of us think about the kitchen and forget all about the bathroom. But because every member of the household uses it every day, small changes here can add up to make a big difference.

We all have a bathroom bin. To get recycling, all you need is two! Choose sizes to suit your floorspace and you’ll hardly notice the difference.

Open drawer of an IKEA sink cabinet holding containers for recycling and spare toilet rolls.

Big or small, sort things here

A waste sorting system is an easy way to make your bathroom more sustainable.
And it’s not just big things. Bottle tops, cotton balls – all those tiny bits of waste add up. Small containers make it easy to
recycle little bits over time.
Round IKEA mirror with integrated LED lighting on the wall above the sink.

Save on energy and water

Cutting back on how much water and electricity we use are simple ways to save. Here are our top three tips:
1. Switch to LED. It uses 85% less energy than incandescent bulbs and lasts for up to 20 years.
2. Tackle your taps! Turn them off while brushing teeth and fix any drips. A dripping tap can waste enough water to fill a bathtub every day.
3. Enlist help. Choose taps, showers and toilets with built-in water saving features to do the job for you. Just changing your taps could use up to 50% less water!
IKEA hanging rack fixed over the bathtub with towels airing on it.

Even hanging up a towel makes a difference!

Properly aired towels stay clean and fresh smelling for longer, meaning less water wasted on washing machine loads. A rack over the tub lets towels and face cloths air out without getting in the way.