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Six ways to decorate with plants

01 February 2016

Houseplants are big news for spring – they look great and bring a sense of well-being indoors. We asked Igor Josifovic, co-founder of urbanjunglebloggers.com, for some easy planting ideas to help add a sense of calm to our homes.

Igor’s plants help give a sense of calm
Think about the style of pots you use for decoration


‘Most plants are dormant in winter. In spring they start growing again, so it’s a good time to put them in new soil in a larger pot. Planting in vintage ceramics is popular right now but they don’t have drainage holes in the base, so I put a layer of small stones beneath the soil to stop them from becoming water logged,’ says Igor.

Hang plants from the ceiling


Don’t just look to balconies and windowsills for planting – use your walls and ceilings too. In awkward and limited spaces, planting up high is a great way to add greenery without using up precious space, and it’s as simple as putting up a hook that’s sturdy enough to take the weight of your plant. One thing – make sure any pots you hang are designed to collect water! ‘I’ve always wanted a hanging garden,’ says Igor. ‘Having one over my bed means the first thing I see in the morning is greenery.’

Group your plants together


Grouping plants on trays, and in crates, not only creates a micro climate that helps them thrive while they work their magic and purify the air indoors, but is also practical. ‘I put my small plants in crates so they’re easy to move when I need to give them more light, clean, or open the window when it’s hot!’ says Igor.

Everyone can care for plants


‘I use my mini greenhouse as a hospital for my plants. When they’re still young or sick, I put them in there for some extra care and to grow strong again. With plants it’s always trial and error. You don’t have to have the greenest thumb – you can Google everything you need to know – but you’ll still get the sense of well-being that comes from nurturing something.’

Everyone can care for plants


‘Most of us either care too much for our plants or forget them,’ says Igor. ‘Cacti and succulents are low maintenance – you can leave them for two weeks and they’ll be fine. For plants that need regular watering, try self-watering pots to keep the soil moist while you’re away.’

Easy-care plants


Not all plants grow in water! Air plants are low maintenance and survive by pulling nutrients from the air around them through their leaves. ‘Usually we think of plants in one way but they can be more than just green and leafy and sitting in a pot. It’s fun to discover different types and styles and introduce them into your home,’ says Igor. For more indoor gardening ideas, see Want To Be More Than A Window Gardener

Easy-care plants

‘My work in the digital world is fast-moving. Everything has to be done right now. That’s why I love caring for plants. You learn to slow down’

Igor, blogger and social media manager, Munich

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Photography: Daniel Farmer
Styling: Emily Henson
Follow Igor at: happyinteriorblog.com & urbanjunglebloggers.com