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Quite an entrance

01 November 2015

You know the drill: fall arrives and suddenly we’re all busier than ever. School starts, activities are in full swing, weather changes, and everything feels like it’s in constant motion. So we created a 4 sq.-metre entrance complete with stations to help avoid rush-hour bottlenecks and keep everything in order... Because when you’re on the go, you need to be ready for anything. Our interior designer, Geneviève, has some great new tips!

 Hallway with IKEA storage and doormats

Nothing creates a more chaotic entrance than a mess of shoes all over the place. Think about it: it’s hardly the first thing you want to see when you come home. TROFAST is perfect for stowing away shoes (assign each family member a number to find them quickly) and even doubles as a bench. Wet shoes can be placed on doormats—sure you could leave them rectangular, but we think these cloud formations are super fun. Geneviève cut these herself!


Think lockers are just for school? Hardly. Our take is much more stylish looking and fits snuggly into the corner (we assembled ours without attaching the legs and placed it on top of TROFAST to save space). But make no mistake, it’s every bit as functional. When each kid has a locker, they’ve got a place to stash their outerwear, sports gear, and can personalise it however they like. Photos, a mirror, weekly schedules… You name it! 

“I’ve got one very rambunctious little girl at home, so I know how crazy things can get. She especially loves that she has her own little cloud for getting ready.” 

Geneviève Jorn, interior designer


Just say no to early morning bottlenecks as you herd the kids out the door. And no more scrambling for umbrellas on stormy days. With designated hooks, your entrance becomes a well-oiled machine.


This station is perfect for a little one. Add a step stool and a few hooks at her height. We even improvised and placed fun plastic animals over the hooks (just find a soft, flexible one and cut it in half, crosswise). And don’t worry, there’s a station for you, too. Just place a row of hooks at your height.

Consider this a catchall. A space for your family that covers all the bases. Extra keys, notes, receipts, and lonely gloves (because you know it’s match will pop up as soon as you get rid of it).