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Personalise gift wrapping for the fashionista

01 November 2015

When the gift inside the box is so perfectly tailored to the glamorous fashionista, don’t just wrap the box in lacklustre paper. Go all out and make bow rosettes, and even labels, to really personalise that gift for your most fashionable friend.

A bird’s eye view of glamorously wrapped gift boxes in gold, copper and silver, on a black background.
Strips of gold shiny paper, glue, a roll of the same paper and some wrapped boxes arranged on a black work surface.

Step 1

Cut 10 strips of foil wrapping paper. Each strip should be 2cm wide. In terms of length, three of the strips should be 7.5cm, three should be 6cm, three should be 5cm and one should be 3cm.

Two hands folding strips of shiny gold paper above a black work surface.

Step 2

With the white side facing up, mark the halfway point of each strip. Still with the white side facing up, twist and fold either end to the middle point (one end at a time). The gold side should be on top of the white side. The paper should look like a figure of eight. Glue it in place.

Two hands folding strips of shiny gold paper into bow rosettes above a black work surface.

Step 3

Repeat this action for all the strips except the smallest one. Roll the small 3cm strip into a ring instead. Don’t worry if the strips aren’t perfectly alligned at the middle point.

Two hands layering gold bows to make bow rosettes above a black work surface.

Step 4

Layer these individual bows on top of each other, starting with the biggest at the bottom (white side up). Rotate them as you go. (Together, layers one and two look like a cross.) Then layer diagonally. Glue each of the layers in place.

Two hands putting together a handmade bow rosette above a black work surface.

Step 5

Finish off with the small 3cm ring in the middle. Let the bow rosette dry completely before attaching it to the gift.

A gift wrapped with shiny gold and silver paper with a handmade bow placed ontop and placed on a black work surface.

Step 6

Using glue or double-sided tape, attach the rosette bow directly to the wrapping paper. Use similar or complementary colours for the best effect.

If you have extra time, try making these fabric labels too.

Two hands cutting into some lacey metre fabric.

Step 1

Cut out a piece of gold paper 6cm by 12cm - or whatever size best suits the gift box. Then cut a piece of metre fabric the same size. We chose this pretty, lacy fabric to suit the feminine style of the gift wrapping.

A bow wrapped with patterned silver paper and decorated with gold ribbon, a gold label, a lacey label and a shiny gold bow rosette.

Step 3

Wrap the ribbon around the gift. An off-centre arrangement looks really stylish - perfect for a fashionista.

Two hands attached gift labelling to a wrapped box.

Step 2

Punch holes in the corners of the gold paper and the fabric. Thread the holes with gold ribbon.