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Perfect packing tips to get your car roadtrip ready

07 March 2016

Sometimes there comes a time when you just want to load up the car and hit the open road. To get you on the way, check out our organising expert Emma’s slightly different guide to perfectly packing the trunk so that everything’s easy to find and fit in.

Ready to hit the open road? Come see our tips to get the trunk packed up stress-free.

Didn’t catch everything in the video? No worries! Our top packing tips are right here too.

1. Suitcases might be more typical, but boxes work a treat to keep everything organised. They fit lots of stuff, are easy to stack and if you use clear ones it’s easy to see what’s inside.

2. Labels on the outside make finding everything extra easy.

These storage bins, work nicely to keep stuff like food and drinks and  outdoor gear separate when packing up the car.

3. Inside compartments make boxes easy to organise. We’re using this one for toiletries. The handle makes it easy to carry to campsite bathrooms, too.
4. These sorting bins work nicely by the trunk door. We’ve been using them to keep food and drinks cool and separate and they’re also good for keeping mess in the one space (especially muddy boots or sandy beach things)

5. Make sure you’ve got something to snack on and some drinks for the trip too. We think these organisers could be helpful to keep it all together along with sunglasses, chargers and toll money.

Plastic organisers help keep food, drinks and travel essentials in the one place on long car trips.

“Roadtrips are great but packing the car can be kind of stressful. My trick to make it easier? Swap your bags for boxes.”

Emma Parkinson, Stylist and organiser

Ready for a roadtrip? take out the stress in packing by swapping out bags for boxes. Easy to stack and easier to organise.

Made by

Photographer: Mats Ekdahl
Interior designer: Emma Parkinson
Digital designer: Ane Bang
Copy writer: James Rynd
Editor: Linda Harkell