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Party people in the house

17 March 2016

So it’s too rainy to head outdoors? Or cold? Or you’re too tired? Or, heck, you just really, really love your home? We’ve got 3 fun ways for you to spend some energetic, quality time with the kids indoors. And we invited our friends Maxime, 10, Anaïs, 7, and their grandmother Ingegerd to play along.

An image of two children and their grandmother jumping on a sofa.
An image of two children and their grandmother jumping on a sofa.


Our talented interior designer (and super fun mama), Emma, has a go-to game she loves to play with her daughter and husband. They call it Crazy Time Disco, and it’s just as fun as it sounds. First, set the scene with disco balls, bunting, and some music-themed decorations (we cut some notes from cardboard). Next, put on your nuttiest, sparkliest outfit. Then pick a person who calls the shots. They blast their favourite jams and order everyone else dance like mad, jump up and down, roll around on the floor... Whatever they want, really! When the music stops, pull your best statue impersonation and freeze!

A little boy plays dress-up and wears an eagle mask.
An image of two children and their grandmother jumping on a sofa.
A young brother and sister play together in their living room.

“I loved having a disco party and I got really into it. All the glitter and dancing made me feel like a star!”


An image of two children and their grandmother balancing on a bench.


Throw some cushions onto the floor, put some stools and benches out, and even use the sofa. Hop and balance your way across the room without touching the floor. Oh, did we not mention the floor is molten lava? No big deal.

A little girls sits inside a hula hoop on the floor. An image from above of a grandmother and her granddaughter hopping on pillows on the floor.
An image from above of three games laid out on the floor.

Game 3: tournament of champions

Not to brag, but we think our line of LATTJO games is pretty great. So we figured, why not make a tournament out of them? Choose a few of your favourites (we went with the cup game, darts, and memory cards), play a few rounds, and see who emerges victorious. Not that anyone’s keeping score.

A little boy holds a velcro dart.

“I felt like I could fly through clouds and over the ocean when I was dressed up like an eagle!”


Made by

Interior designer: Emma Parkinson
Digital designer: Annie Svensson
Copywriter: Vanessa Algotsson
Photographer: Monika Lundholm
Editor: Linda Harkell