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Open-plan, open house: host a relaxed summer lunch

04 July 2016

Hosting at home doesn’t have to mean a three-course menu and hours in the kitchen the night before – if you’re more relaxed, your guests will be too. Margo loves having friends and family round for long, help-yourself summer lunches that are just as much for the host as they are for the guests.

Hosting at home doesn’t have to be stressful
Margo’s son Bruno helps prepare simple salads

‘Bruno likes helping me prepare simple salads at the weekend. We choose recipes that don’t involve much cooking, because no one likes waiting hours for lunch to be ready’

Margo, artist, Poland

Let the guests help you prepare lunch

Team up with your guests

Let everyone get involved in setting up for lunch, from chopping ingredients to making sure there are enough chairs – the more people helping out, the sooner you can sit down to eat! ‘Our open-plan room means we’re not shut away in the kitchen while our guests sit and wait – we’re all spending time together as soon as they arrive to help prepare food and set the table,’ says Margo.

Serve large bowls of food for everyone to share

Keep it simple and share

Let your guests decide how much they want to eat, with large bowls of easy-to-share food. Margo makes big batches of a couple of different recipes so that everyone can help themselves at the table – and it’s easy to go back for seconds and thirds!

Cover the table in bowls of food to share
Make it easy to pass food around the table
Gather round to share a meal together
A portrait of Margo

‘During the week, I make quick, easy meals – nothing that takes longer than 30 minutes – so taking our time over a meal at the weekend feels like a real treat’


Made by

Photography: Dan Duchars
Styling: Louisa Grey

Follow Margo at margohupert.pl