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Mona’s home of creative order

01 September 2015

In Mona’s Scandinavian-inspired family house, organisation isn’t just a practical issue, it’s celebrated. ‘I find it essential to being creative,’ she says. ‘Home is where I discover my best ideas – for baking, blogging and lazy brunches with friends and family. Being organised gives me more time to spend on people and activities I love.’

Black and white kitchen with pantry area packed with storage solutions.

The joy of being organised

‘I love arranging things, for me it’s a pleasure in itself. My husband Dennis often laughs at my perfectionist nature even though he enjoys the benefits. I was the oldest sister in my family and was always taking care of my siblings and the house, so maybe it stems from that. Being in control of my surroundings boosts my sense of purpose and wellbeing.’

Upcycle you storage. Mix of jars, containers and storage on worktop

Upcycle old containers

Personalise your kitchen in small and sustainable ways by finding new uses for old items. ‘I use vintage teacups as measuring jugs and old sample bottles for spices, which I put chalk labels on,’ says Mona.

Hanging bathroom baskets work in small spaces

Repurpose your storage

Try bathroom storage in other rooms, too. ‘This hanging IKEA basket is perfect for storing small items in my kitchen and I can see what’s inside at a glance,’ says Mona. ‘I spray-painted it black to match the shelves.’

Handmade tags on white recycle bins

Make recycling easy for everyone

Labelling matching storage saves time searching and sorting, while keeping the look simple. ‘I made these handmade tags for my recycling bins so that all our family and guests know what to put where,’ says Mona.

‘In my house, everything has a home – you’ll find labelled boxes inside baskets, inside ticker-taped drawers, like Russian dolls’


Mis-matched chairs give Mona’s dining room a relaxed feel

Make guests feel at home

‘Growing up, I remember an open-door policy where loved ones were always made welcome. That’s a tradition I wanted to continue with Dennis and we love having people over for brunch. I lay the table with individual settings for each person, candles and freshly-cut flowers or ferns – it means every get-together feels really special.’

Create a flexible living space

‘The living room is many things. It’s my second workspace when I write my blog posts on the sofa in the evenings, but we love to eat in there too. Then, with lots of cushions and soft throws, it’s also a lovely safe space for our daughter Kalea to play. I recently made her a teepee – she loves having a little hideaway that’s still close to us.’

Pet-friendly and practical

With animals, find ways to make looking after your home easier. ‘We all love our dog Maya and two cats,’ says Mona. ‘I made a grey cover for our beige sofa from IKEA fabric as it shows less dirt.’

Pastel-coloured child’s bedroom with storage

Mix storage in a kid’s room

Box inserts for shelving are great for toys while stackable cardboard boxes work well for small items. ‘The storage in Kalea’s room will make it easier for her to begin tidying up herself as she grows,’ says Mona.

Home owner Mona’s simple and soothing bedroom

Customise in small ways

Personalising Kalea’s room is one of the ways Mona makes it unique. ‘Here and there I’ve added my own touches, like changing the handles on the drawers and wardrobe doors.’

‘Planning our home to be efficiently arranged as well as beautiful makes it a more relaxed place for all of us’


Home owner Mona’s simple and soothing bedroom

A bedroom to unwind in

Turn your bedroom into a relaxing retreat. ‘We use ours as a second living room,’ says Mona. ‘When Kalea naps, I like to sit in the cosy chair with a magazine and put my feet up. It’s a small break, but a treasured one.’

Home owner Mona’s walk-in wardrobe. BILLY shelves and Pax wardrobes keep space open.

A streamlined walk-in wardrobe

Maximise your dressing area without compromising on storage. ‘By using shallow BILLY shelves for my shoes instead of deeper ones and leaving the doors off the PAX wardrobes I could even fit in a chair,’ says Mona.

Dark bathroom cabinet and white walls create a calm, feelgood family bathroom

A family bathroom for sharing

Make your bathroom somewhere everyone can use at the same time. ‘The double sink and rug mean Dennis can brush his teeth while I do my makeup and Kalea plays,’ says Mona. ‘We each have our own storage too.’

ichliebedeko.de  Photography Michael Sinclair  Styling Ashlyn Gibson

A floorplan of Mona’s home in Homburg