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Minimal and modern paris apartment

01 December 2015

When we visited Florian and Fabien’s beautiful 47m2 apartment, we found that instead of cluttering it with lots of furniture, the guys rely on a few well-chosen pieces for almost everything. They’ve kept their colour scheme simple too, uniting the space with splashes of black and vibrant yellow.

‘We like mixing simple modern furniture with artworks that our friends have given to us, and retro pieces we’ve inherited’ 
Fabien, event organiser, Paris
A portrait of Florian and Fabien

Living in the middle of it all

In addition to choosing a simple colour scheme, their choice of neighbourhood was also an important deciding factor. ‘We prioritised location over size when we bought this flat, because it’s in such a cool area,’ says Florian, an architect. ‘But we also like this kind of space, having an open-plan yet cosy living area.’

  • Having books on display makes the room feel more lively
    Create a reading wall
    Adding a reading wall of favourite books to the living room is an inspired idea. ‘I like the bright colours and graphic designs, and it’s fun to display them facing outwards on a shelf,’ says Fabien. ‘It makes the room feel more lively.’
  • This bright light attaches to the bookshelf and can move in any direction
    Use smart lighting
    ‘Our sofa corner is where we read in the evening so we need good light here. Our slimline floor lamp fits in the small space between our sofa and bookshelf and the head swivels so we can direct light where we want it.’ 
  • Florien and Fabien have a mix of styles in their flat for variety
    Repurpose vintage finds
    Scandinavian style is very popular in Paris at the moment, and although they are fans too, Florian and Fabien wanted to keep a mix of styles in their apartment. ‘Our TV cabinet used to be a desk, but we removed a panel to adapt it. I think it’s from the ’50s.’
Having a big kitchen was important for Florian and Fabien, who love cooking

Welcoming kitchen

When it came to designing their dream kitchen, the guys knew instinctively they wanted an open layout to suit their sociable tendancies. ‘We both grew up with big kitchens, and our grandmothers taught us to cook. Having a friendly kitchen was important to both of us,’ says Florian. Read the full story about Florian and Fabien’s kitchen makeover here

Store paperwork, bedding and anything that’s not in use a lot in drawers under the bed

Store up, under and beside!

The duo also figured out how to make maximum use of their bedroom storage. ‘We keep a lot of things in our bedroom – paperwork, books, bedding – although there isn’t a lot of space. To stop the room getting too cluttered, we try to keep all our stuff inside cabinets and in the drawers under the bed,’ Florian explains. The vibrant colour scheme continues here too. ‘The yellow cabinet’s a bit eccentric, like me!’ laughs Florian.

Take a look around Florian and Fabien’s apartment in the centre of Paris.

Floorplan of Florian and Fabien’s apartment

Back to basics

Functional furniture is key to Florian and Fabien’s home; with a little bit of rearranging, the same space can easily accommodate two – or 10. There’s plenty of room for all their clothes in the built-in wardrobes in the spare bedroom, and for cooking ingredients and equipment in the floor-to-ceiling kitchen cabinets.

Made by

Photography: Daniel Farmer  
Styling: Ashlyn Gibson