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Make your own personalised gift labels for sports fans

01 November 2015

You have a person in mind for every gift you buy. Each present is personal. So continue this personalisation with the labelling and wrapping. Find out how you can make those gifts for your sport-loving friends extra special.

Beads, a template, an iron. That’s all you need to create these sport-themed labels.

Beads lying loose on a white work surface with some arranged into sport balls on templates.

Step 1

Start by arranging the PYSSLA beads out on the template in the shape of a football, basketball, golf ball, baseball or any other sport-themed shape you can create.

A woman ironing over beads in a template to melt them together while a child looks on.

Step 2

Then place a sheet of baking paper over your creation. Next iron over the baking paper. This melts the beads together. Let the beads cool before taking them out of the template.

A football label made from beads on top of a green paper wrapped present.

Step 3

When the beads are cool, thread some string through one of the beads close to the edge. Wrap the gift using some green wrapping paper (so it looks like grass). Then attach the label.

If you have extra time, complete the sports theme and make the pitch or court too.

A ruler, tape, and wrapping paper arranged on a white work surface.

Step 1

Measure and cut strips of white sticky tape that are a couple of centimetres shorter than the length and width of the package. You’ll also need some tape to shape the ‘goals’.

Two hands arranging white tape in the shape of a football pitch on top of a green paper wrapped gift.

Step 2

Attach the strips to the wrapping paper in the shape of a pitch.

Two hands cutting the string of a gift label to the right size above a gift box wrapped to look like a football pitch.

Step 3

Finally, attach the label to the gift box. Score! A football pitch complete with football.