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Little ideas to arrange your kitchen

01 January 2016

Blogger and food writer Yvonne spends most of her time in the kitchen of her Belgian home. ‘I have a place for everything,’ she says. ‘I can’t relax unless my kitchen is organised!’ Here are a few of her ideas that might work in your kitchen too...

Find a place for everything – a tidy kitchen is the best way to start
Streamline your shelves with coordinated containers to make ingredients easy to reach and find

Use jars

Yvonne likes to keep everyday ingredients in glass jars so she can see exactly what she has. ‘I cook and bake a lot,’ says Yvonne. ‘Keeping my jars in one place means I can quickly grab what I need.’


Pair like with like – linens in one drawer, pots in another

Theme cupboards

Make sure you can find what you want by allocating things to their own cupboard or shelf. Store the same kind of things together, close to where you want to use them – pots near the hob, tea towels near the sink. ‘A kitchen is like a recipe,’ says Yvonne. ‘It has to have a certain logic for it to work.’

Use pull-out shelves in the pantry to ensure no space is wasted

Maximise space

A pull-out pantry is the perfect way to organise store cupboard essentials. ‘Adding a cupboard pantry means I don’t waste any space,’ says Yvonne. ‘I was able to fix the shelves at the perfect height for whatever I planned to store in them, and having drawers I can pull out means nothing stays hidden and unused at the back.’ 

Label the tops and sides of any containers to ensure the spice you need is always at hand

Label lids

Recycle old jars and containers to keep all your herbs and spices fresh in one handy drawer. ‘I just add my own labels,’ says Yvonne.  

Make use of any empty space – the hearth of an abandoned fireplace is perfect for books

Use empty space

Yvonne’s husband built shelves into their kitchen’s old fireplace. ‘It’s the perfect spot for all my cookery books,’ says Yvonne. ‘And I always have a stool out for friends to sit on while I’m cooking.’  

Keeping benches clear is the quickest way to a tidy and organised kitchen

‘When you give everything a fixed place, it’s easier to keep the kitchen clutter-free and make it a place to relax in’

Yvonne, food blogger, Lommel, Belgium

Made by

Photography: Chris Everard
Styling: Sam Grigg