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Let the sun light up your night

Sunny days are here! As if that isn’t reason enough to celebrate, you can let the sun work double shifts. Solar-powered lighting reuses daylight for an evening outside in the lingering warmth.

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Lay down and charge your batteries

If you have a solar-powered LED lamp, simply let it bask alongside yourself. (And since it’s there, why not use it as a parasol to shade a cold drink?) When the day draws to an end, you’ll have plenty of sunlight left - in your solar lights.

Bring-along cosiness

Without the need for cables, or even loose batteries, outdoor solar lights are perfectly portable. Bring them on picnics, hiking trips or wherever you set up a cosy camp for the night.

Party lighting all summer long

Hang some festive solar garden lights in a favourite spot, and you’ll have a nightly reminder to savour the moment – and sit outside while you can.

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