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Kitchen trends that work in any home

01 September 2015

Island units and open storage are the big things in kitchens this year. Here, homeowners share their tips for making the trends work in your home.

Kitchen islands and open storage are two trends that will work in any home. Homeowners share their tips for making the trends work.
Kitchen trends: A family-friendly island in a Scandinavian style kitchen

‘Every year brings a fresh set of trends for every room in the home, including the kitchen,’ says Editor Helen Bazuaye. ‘This year key style trends such as patterned backsplashes and cool metallics, as well as the enduring appeal of classic black and white, have all caught our eye. But what really interests us are the trends that revolve around how we all live right now – our needs – and how that translates in a real home. Perhaps that’s why two staples in kitchen design have grown in popularity this year – kitchen islands and open storage. We visit homes where owners have done clever, stylish and unexpected things. Here’s our pick of some favourites, with tips from the owners on how they make it work for them.’

4 great kitchen islands

1. Communal cooking island

WHO: Daniella and Fredrik live with their sons, Felix and Julius, in a 350m² converted farmhouse in Lomma, Sweden.
HOW: When we visited Daniella and her family, we found that their kitchen island was an essential part of their busy family life. Adding low storage to the island gave the boys tableware storage they could easily reach. Allowing room for two stools meant they could all be together when Daniella and Fredrik were busy preparing a meal. ‘We planned the kitchen so the family can cook together, with an island we can gather round. Let everyone be the chef!’ Daniella. Scroll down to see her open-storage ideas.

Kitchen trends: A unique kitchen island made from recycled metal and scaffolding poles

2. Recycled island

WHO: Adam lives in a 107m² one-bedroom apartment in Copenhagen, Denmark.
HOW: Adam has a simple solution for being more creative at home – try giving things a different purpose. Using old scaffolding and cabinets, he made a unique kitchen island where he could cook with his young nephew. ‘I like changing things I’ve found or bought to create something different,’ he says. ‘I enjoy salvaging items and often root around to find odd bits of furniture I can reuse or repurpose.’ Scroll down to see his open-storage ideas.

Kitchen trends: stainless steel countertops make this kitchen island quick to clean

3. Family-friendly island

WHO: Caroline and Mikael live with their two children on the Swedish island of Gotland.
HOW: Caroline and her family enjoy the simple pleasure of having a good meal with the people closest to them. Their kitchen island is used for prepping great meals, with narrow, shelved compartments for their favourite cookbooks and an extra sink. ‘We cook as much as we can from scratch and eat together at the table and island each day. It’s good family time.’ Caroline

Kitchen trends: stainless steel countertops make this kitchen island quick to clean

4. Quick-clean island

WHO: Andreas and Rebecca live in a 220m² monochrome house in Sölvesborg, Sweden.
HOW: While Andreas and Rebecca say that they’re both ‘messy’, their kitchen is completely clutter free. Their secret? An island with lots of large and small storage. ‘We like our home to be minimal and functional. Having lots of storage means we have plenty of places to hide our stuff away – we don’t have to tidy all the time!’ Andreas.

4 cool open-storage ideas

Kitchen trends: Hang pots and pans on GRUNDTAL rails

1. Go vertical with your storage

WHO: Artist Elisabeth and photographer Peter live and work together in their 95m² apartment in Malmö, Sweden.
HOW: We loved how Elisabeth and Peter used the height of their doors as well as the walls to store kitchen essentials. GRUNDTAL rails are useful for holding things that can become disorganised in cupboards, such as saucepan lids. ‘It’s decorative and leaves the drawers open for other storage, too.’ Elisabeth

Make a statement wall with colourful kitchen utensils

2. Make a statement

WHO: Adam lives in a creative 107m² one-bedroom apartment in Copenhagen, Denmark.
HOW: Adam had a collection of colourful utensils that he didn’t want to hide away in a drawer, so instead he created a feature wall, hanging them up on a blackboard wall and outlining them in chalk. Making art by using what you already own is simple! ‘My apartment isn’t a show home but I do like making a display of the things I use every day.’ Adam

Display crockery on a long floating shelf

3. Put crockery on display

WHO: Hanne lives with her partner Rafaelle and her two sons in the Italian countryside.
HOW: Life at home for Hanne and her family is relaxed – they like eating buffet-style meals outside with their friends in the sunshine. ‘The things that we use all the time are stored on open shelves in the kitchen. It makes them so much easier for me to find and guests to help themselves.’ Hanne

4. Create a dedicated drinks station

WHO: Daniella and Fredrik live with their sons, Felix and Julius, in a converted farmhouse in Lomma, Sweden.
HOW: Life at home for Daniella and her family is fun and fast paced, so they’re always finding new ways to streamline their space and gain back time to do the things they enjoy. In the kitchen, they drew inspiration from their favourite coffee shops by creating an open drinks station, where they keep their coffee machine, milk jug and cups and saucers, ready for use. ‘We think about the things or places we enjoy and find ways to bring them into our home.’ Daniella