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Bring Japandi style inspiration into your home

This ultra-modern style takes its influences from modern Scandinavian functionality with a Japanese minimalist influence. In a Japandi-inspired room, you'll find soft elements with clear linear designs, but you won't miss out on the cosiness. Layered textiles and a neutral palette bring the look together and create a homely feel.

EVEDAL large organic shaped modern lamp sat on a table in front of minimal wooden panels
Neutral small homewares sit on a modern chest of drawers, a small round mirror sits behind thme with a wicker vase
A block of Japandi colours, in a netural pallette
NORDMÄRKE wireless charger sits on a stone worktop with paper notepads.
Large HANNALILL curtains drop from the ceiling, over a ÅDUM large round rug in a minimal setting.
Two STOENSE rugs lie across one another in a large minimal room. A branch of foliage can be seen in the background.
A japandi inspired dark bedroom with a TUFJORD bed frame, wooden panels and a weighted duvet
An minimal open wardrobe with fabric shutters. Inside a long line of clothes. On top two minimal fabric storage boxes.

Japandi styles celebrate sustainability and natural materials throughout. Bringing together rattan, wicker, and wood with paper and glass. Opt for a large paper pendant light to make a statement light feel minimal and neutral, drawing inspiration from the Japanese paper lanterns that this trend is known for. Add large circles, such as coffee and side tables, to break the lines and create interest with a focal point, just place a few clear glass accessories to complete the look.

A large RISBYN paper pendant light hangs above a circular wooden coffee table with clear glass vases and dishes.

Let natural light do the talking with layered textiles

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HOPPVALS blinds are layered with AINA curtains in a light minimal pattern, these layered textiles add to the Japandi feel.
Person sits on a bed, controling KADRILJ smart blinds with a remote control. A natural fibre lamp hangs above the layered textile bed.
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Express your creativity with blocks of monochrome

It's easy to get started with Japandi, a quick refresh of cushions for your sofa or armchair can highlight this style in a bold and creative way. Use block colours mixed in with monochrome patterns to create the linear effect of this trend.

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See all cushions & cushion covers

Big with functional spaces, openness is a key element of this trend. Let your space feel larger with a few key functional pieces, such as an armchair for reading, creating a stylish architectural expression that you'll use every day. For an easy addition to any room, add small sculptured decorations to shelves and side tables, but don't miss out on the cosiness with throws and cushions at hand for colder nights.

A LINNEBÄCK modern armchair sits in a minimal japandi inspired room. A box of texitles and a large lamp can be seen nearby.