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Ideas to create a teen hang-out space

20 September 2016

A child’s teenage years are when their desire for independence and identity really takes hold. Having a space at home to call their own helps. The size of the space is less important than a sense of ownership and being able to express themselves. Take a look at the ideas Lison (14) and her parents used to make her happy hideaway…

Create a cool space for teenagers to hang out
Get storage and stationery for study

‘Lison is outgoing with a big personality. She’s creative and loves art and drama, and has reached the stage at school where homework matters, so having a space to focus on work is good’

Lionel, dad and environmental manager, France

Hang hooks to display jewellery
Choose storage that shows off their favourite items
Personalise a plain stool

See everything in the room as a change to make a statement

You need the basics: a comfortable sleeping space, room to study, somewhere to relax and hang out with friends, plus storage that keeps everything sorted. But the practical parts of the room don’t have to be boring. Your teen’s possessions reflect their personality, so make it possible to put their items on show – from hooks to hang their favourite outfits and jewellery, to glass-fronted cabinets that can be filled with collections, and pinboards where concert tickets and photos can be displayed with pride. Open it up, then let your kid hack it their way!

Add cushions to make the bed double up as a sofa

A flexible sleep zone

A bed just might be a teenager’s best friend! Bedding makes a big difference to the look of a bedroom, and letting your teen pick theirs is a quick, affordable way to let them stamp their personality on their room. Lison has room for a small sofa where she can relax and sit with friends. If that isn’t possible, let the bed double as a sofa by adding a mix of cushions and bolster cushions – comfy to lean against, and easy to throw off the bed when you need to sleep.

Encourage teens to add their own personal touches

Make space for dreams that grow and change

Let the interests, hobbies and passions of your teen influence how their room takes shape. Encourage them to share their ideas on how to make the space work – then bring them to life together. And be prepared for the room to change. As your child grows, they’ll want their room to grow with them, so find ways to update the room that don’t rely on big jobs further down the line, such as using stickers to add colour instead of repainting the entire room.

A portrait of Lison

‘Our living room and kitchen are one big space. We spend a lot of time there as a family but it’s nice to have my own room where I can shut the door and be with my friends’


Made by

Photography: Christina Bull
Styling: Ashlyn Gibson