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Ideas for a beautifully ordered kitchen

01 September 2015

Blogger Mona’s kitchen reveals two of her passions – baking and organising. She uses open and closed storage, a versatile kitchen trolley, small customisations and labelling to create a comfortable, functional and inspiring space to cook in.

A perfectly ordered kitchen encourages creativity
Mona customised her kitchen shelves with copper spray paint

Give your shelves a copper twist

‘I love copper,’ says Mona ‘It’s a beautiful colour that makes the kitchen feel warm and inviting. Giving my metal shelves a quick makeover was simple.’ Here’s how Mona did it.

1. Clean and dry the surfaces to remove any dust or grease.

2. Spray-paint the shelves outside or in a well-ventilated area on some cardboard or newspaper (don’t forget a mask and gloves). Two to three light coats will make sure you avoid drips.

3. Leave the paint to dry completely before you put the shelves up. Check the instructions on your paint – Mona left hers for 24 hours.

Find new uses for old items – glass containers make great plant pots or vases

Find new uses for old containers

Mona’s kitchen is full of small ideas for upcycling while organising, from vintage teacups used as measuring cups to bottles for spices. ‘I like finding ways to use what I already have before buying new,’ she says.

Store spices in small jars together on a tray. Practical and pretty

Combine small storage

Try putting spices and flavourings in small jars and keeping them on a tray. ‘They look tidy this way,’ says Mona. ‘Plus I can move them all easily if I need to clean the worksurface or cook in another area of the kitchen.’

Hang it up. Use hooks to store essential tools that are awkward to keep in drawers

Get hooked

Hooks are a space-saving way to add to your storage, while helping to keep it ordered. ‘I tend to hang essentials and items that are awkward to store in drawers or on shelves,’ says Mona.

Add a small bathroom basket to shelves for stashing smaller tools

Bring in baskets

Mona used a bathroom basket in her pantry to add to the existing shelving. ‘I spray-painted it black,’ she says. ‘It’s great for storing small items that might get lost in drawers or big containers.’

Use open storage to display special items that are used less

Try open shelving

Keep items you use every day at hand, with special pieces on display higher up. ‘I like open storage because you can make it feel cosy and personal,’ says Mona. ‘Co-ordinating containers keeps the look neat.’

Handmade labels are perfect for closed storage organisation

Label up

Mona uses handmade labels to differentiate similar-looking items and identify what’s inside closed storage, like these recycling bins. ‘They make it quicker for visitors to find their way around the kitchen,’ she says.

Mona, blogger, Germany

“I love being in my kitchen, both on my own and with family and friends. Good organisation goes a long way towards making the space a joy to spend time in – functional and beautiful.”

Mona, blogger

ichliebedeko.de  Photography Michael Sinclair  Styling Ashlyn Gibson