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How to throw a winning olympics viewing party

17 June 2016

The Olympic Games are back and you know what that means: hours upon hours glued to the TV. Waking up in the middle of the night to watch your favourite team. And lots of fun celebrating with your crew. Here’s how we like to mark the occasion.

Hotdogs in buns, a hula hoop, snacks, a foam smiley face and a woman lay on a blue and yellow floor.
A GIF of the contents of a welcome bag being unpacked.

1. NOTHING SAYS “LET’S ROCK THESE OLYMPICS” like a welcome bag filled with fun stuff like our take on the foam finger, a time-out mask (when you’re ready for a break or a quick snooze in between middle-of-the-night events), and a sweatband, IKEA-style.

A sofa, a lounge chair, cusions and pillows all in blue, yellow and white create a comfortable seating area.

2. COMFORT IS TOTALLY KEY when you’ve got friends over  for the big event. Throw down some comfy pillows so people can stretch out on the floor, bring in extra seating like sun chairs, an add these cool soft toy tennis balls that we’ve sewn together. You’ll be surprised how supportive they are!

A blue and white freezer bag is filled with drinks in glass bottles and a freezer pack.

3. ATHLETES AREN’T THE ONLY ONES WHO NEED TO STAY HYDRATED. Fill a cooler bag with water, juice, and a brew or two, and keep them nearby to avoid interrupting the game for a fridge run.

A woman holds a hotdog in one hand, a potato chip in the other, and has a paper cup filled with dip around her neck.

4.  KEEP THE ATHLETIC THEME GOING STRONG with foods like these fun hotdog boats. And finger foods like chips and personal dip cups make chowing down so much easier (added bonus: no double-dipping).

Tech gear like headphones, a tablet and a laptop are laid out.

5. THERE’S A CRAZY NUMBER OF EVENTS going on at once during the Olympics. Unfortunately, sometimes you’re just outnumbered in votes and end up watching swimming instead of your favourite, fencing. Set up a station to keep your tablets and laptops charged and ready to keep track of multiple events at once, schedules and scores.

A yoga mat, free weight, tennis racket and hula hoop are part of an activity station.

6. ALL THAT SITTING AROUND can lead to some pretty stiff muscles. Get up and move! Have an area dedicated to some fun and games, stretching out and all-around silliness.

Made by

Interior designer: Emma Parkinsson
Digital designer: Cecilia Englund
Copywriter: Vanessa Algotsson
Photographer: Sandra Werud
Editor: Linda Harkell