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Home visit: host a relaxed lunch with friends

Make it easy to have spontaneous get-togethers at home. Skip the formalities – with a few easy ideas, you can use your sofa as a venue for a laid-back lunch with friends. Get ideas from Sophie’s Moroccan-inspired mezze meal…

An overhead view of people enjoying a Moroccan-style meal served on a coffee table.
An overhead view of people enjoying a Moroccan-style meal served on a coffee table.
A coffee table set with food in a living room with a green sofa and red brick wall.

Unplanned gatherings are often the best – it’s easier than you think to put together a last-minute lunch at your place. Set the mood with a low, casual arrangement around the sofa. If you’re short on seating, add pillows that double as floor cushions, stackable stools and a sofa footstool, to create room for extra guests. If you haven’t had time to cook, mix pre-made salads into a few different bowls and give them a boost by adding extra ingredients – try a drizzle of oil and a sprinkle of paprika to spice up plain hummus. Serve it all up on one big tray, so everybody can grab a plate and help themselves!

I’m a fuss-free person, so a low-maintenance gathering where everybody feels relaxed (including me as the host!) is great.

Sophie, London

Sophie, living in London.

“I love going abroad and often travel light to save money,” says Sophie. “As I can’t fit many objects or souvenirs into my luggage, I bring back inspiration and ideas from different cuisines and cultures to try at home instead. Next on my travel itinerary are Tuscany and Barcelona.”

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