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Home visit: a live-work flatshare for two stylists

04 October 2017

If you work from home, find easy ways to use your space for work and play, and use colour to tie the whole place together. Stylists Katie and Elkie show us how their flatshare suits their lifestyle.

A living room with a dark sofa and lots of cushions.
Katie and Elkie working at a table and an open storage unit.

Keep it open

Open-plan spaces work well for a smooth transition from work to play. ‘Our time in the living room is a complete mix of hard work and total relaxation,’ says Katie. Modular furniture is a good choice if you need flexible solutions. ‘Props come in and out on a daily basis, so modular pieces mean our storage can adapt easily. We also use open storage as display units – having everything on show helps us find inspiration, and we can grab props for shoots as and when we need them.’

A desk for two people with monochrome artwork.

Make space for creativity

Working from home can mean more than just sitting at a desk, so make room for creativity and collaboration by extending your workspace to other pieces of furniture. ‘We’re both freelancers, so we spend time at our desks creating mood boards, or at the dining table having meetings with photographers and clients. We use the same table for hosting dinner parties and eating brunch together at the weekend. The layout makes it a truly sociable flat – it manages to support our work and personal lives.’

A bed covered in layers of throws and cushions.

Layer textures and tones

Dress your bedroom for winter by layering up cushions and throws in the same colour palette. ‘Sticking to a mostly monochrome colour scheme means I can swap things in and out easily, layer up, then pare back, and nothing has to be permanent. That’s why I decorate my bedroom with textiles, photos, postcards and plants,’ says Katie.

A bedroom decorated in black, white and grey.

Add temporary touches

Elkie keeps things flexible in her bedroom so she can make changes whenever she wants. ‘We use a lot of graphic furniture and patterned textiles, have picture frames on the floor, leaning against the wall, and stick posters up with washi tape. It’s important that we can add, take away, and change things around, as we’re constantly being inspired by different things.’

A portrait of Katie and Elkie.

Two stylists at home

How would you describe your style?
‘My personal style has always been fairly black-and-white, and quite masculine,’ says Katie. ‘I like things to be simple but strong. Because we took this flat unfurnished and have slowly added to it over the years, it really feels like it’s in our style. Luckily, we have very similar tastes!’
How do you use plants around your home?
‘Plants help us mask the magnolia walls and add vibrant colours to the monochrome colour palette. The large tree in the living room was a present from a stylist. I only knew him from Instagram and had helped him out with sourcing plants – he gifted me the plant to say thanks.’

Click here to see how Katie creates stylish displays using open storage. 
A floorplan of Katie and Elkie’s home.

Life in the open

‘We’d been to one of the flats in this block and knew the open-plan space would be perfect for us. I stalked this building – the flat next door went before I even got a chance to view it, so when this one came up, we went for it straight away.’ Click here to see how Katie dresses the apartment’s terrace in summer. 

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Made by

Interior stylist: Katie Phillips
Photographer: Polly Wreford
Artwork above desk: Katie Phillips and Jessie Higginson