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Home visit: a holistic home made for sharing

At this house in the forest, each room has been designed with physical and emotional wellbeing in mind – with places where the large family can be together and plenty of private spaces.

A kitchen with open storage.
A kitchen with open storage.
Fresh herbs in pots on the kitchen worktop.

A kitchen for many cooks Choose open storage for a kitchen that’s easy for everyone to share. ‘Open storage means all our visitors can find their way around the kitchen and help out,’ says Margaret.

A white living room with brightly coloured cushions.
A family relaxing on three sofas in the living room.

Connect in the living room ‘We see our living room as a casual meeting place for friends and family,’ say Margaret and her husband Mark, who have 19 grandchildren. ‘We’ve used three comfortable sofas to create two L-shaped seating areas. The removable covers are a true gift of love for a large family!’

Woman sitting at her desk.
Storage boxes, a lamp and trays on a desk.

A workspace to nurture your talents Artist and yoga teacher Margaret needs a workspace that’s as flexible as she is. ‘Being absorbed in designing is very grounding. I chose an adjustable-height desk, so that I can stand or move around as I work – it’s not great to sit in the same spot for too long!’

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Made by
Interior stylist: Jason Grant
Photographer: Alicia Taylor