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Hans’ dream kitchen part 4: Personalising

25 March 2017

What makes a dream kitchen truly personal? Check out how interior stylist Hans Blomquist gives his dream kitchen a modern rustic look that shows who he is and what he loves. If you missed them, check out part 1: planning, part 2: installation and part 3: function.

A dining table covered in a linen table cloth in a modern rustic kitchen with personal decor hanging on a wall
A straight-line kitchen with a row of base cabinets with ash fronts against a grey, concrete looking wall

Modern rustic moments

Hans’ modern rustic style kitchen starts with bringing nature indoors: blonde ash fronts and a worktop with a black mineral effect. To keep the fronts sleek and modern, he skipped knobs and handles and chose push openers instead. The tap, oven, hob and hood vent in greys and blacks help build the ‘modern’ side, match the worktop and create a bit of drama that’s calming, too. For the walls and floor, Hans chose a concrete look. “I think concrete has a raw, dynamic beauty that adds texture and contrast.”

Dining his way

Hans and his partner enjoy cooking and having friends over for dinner. But they’re  not fans of formality—relaxed is the rule. The table’s big enough to seat many people, and a mix of seating adds to the do-as-you-like style. Materials like cork, jute and linen bring in the naturalness while the blacks and dark greys put a modern spin on simplicity. The delicate glassware is classic and understated, and the candelabras add to the ambience. The un-ironed linens add to relaxed feeling, too. “Wrinkles are beautiful and never go out of style.”

“My dream kitchen is clear and airy—like a forest fog slowly lifting. It’s calm and welcoming. And you know your phone can help if you get lost.”

Hans, stylist

Collections on display

On the wall facing the straight-line kitchen, Hans installed decorative wooden panels painted grey to amp up the rustic look. Along each wall, he hung racks with hooks, also painted grey. Inspired by the American Shakers—known for the practicality of hanging objects on pegs, among other things—the hooks are a great spot for showing off his ever-expanding collections, too. “My style is a bit spontaneous. I like to just buy something when I find it—like these signs from the States and the wooden pieces that look like long-necked birds. They’re amazing.”

Throughout the kitchen, Hans mixes function with flair, modern with rustic. A ball of twine hangs next to measuring cups on a fixture made from old pipes. Traditional mouthed, milk-bottle shapes next to tall, modern vases with angular lines. Or even an antique ruler that lives with coloured pencils in a drawer of kitchen tools. Like every kitchen, it’s the little things that make Hans’ kitchen uniquely his.    

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Interior designer: Hans Blomquist
Photographer: Andrea Papini
Writer: Marissa Frayer