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Hack this: KNAGGLIG

01 August 2015

In our honest opinion, KNAGGLIG is kind of a super product. It comes ready-to-build, so it’s easy to customize just the way you like it. You can stain it, paint it, and make it all you. Sounds pretty good, right? Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Have a seat

Need some extra seating? Cut a piece of particleboard to fit the open top of the box, and fit a sheepskin to it, letting it hang over the edges by about two inches. Staple the overhang to the underside, store some stuff away (we used it for extra throws), and have a seat!

A wooden crate attached to the wall used as a bedside table

Improve your bedside manner

Turn the box on its end and screw it to the wall. The closer you place it to the bed, the more they’ll feel like one unit (and raising it off the floor makes cleaning up much easier).

Three stacked storage crates on castors

The new kitchen cart

A few stacked boxes create perfect extra storage for kitchen essentials like veggies, fruits, cookbooks, and more. Add some wheels to the bottom and you’re good to go!

A wooden crate used as a planter placed against a turquoise wall with a trellis

Let your garden grow

Place a few KNAGGLIG boxes side by side to create a planter for your outdoor area. Add a few potted plants and a trellis. We improvised and used a rebar, but the traditional version is just as nice.

Wooden crates in a colourful children’s room used as a doll’s bed and wall storage.

Ready for bed

Leave the side slats off when you’re putting the box together, add some details with your kid’s favorite color paint, and some teeny tiny bed linens (hint: try pillow cases for a perfectly sized doll blanket!). Get ready for naptime!