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Give a new life to your old IKEA jars!

01 October 2015

Rather than throwing away kitchen basics that you’re tired of, try this idea to help you love them again. Nicole in Germany has customised her old DROPPAR jars with animal figures and given them a coat of paint. #thelittlethings 

These storage jars have been given a fun, crafty twist using plastic animals

‘I always try to give my own twist to the things I make.
These jars are really easy to customise and they make me smile every time I use them!’

Nicole, blogger and textile designer, Hamburg

Store customised storage jars on an open shelf with books, vases and other bits

How to love old your old storage jars again

1. These fun jars are a great way to use small things you have lying around. Nicole used animals and when she could she made them match what’s inside the jars - a cow means beef seasoning! You could also use superheroes or dinosaurs, people or even toy cars.

2. Spread out some sheets of newspaper on a table. Attach a figurine to the centre of the DROPPAR lid with strong glue. Press and hold for a few minutes until it sets firm.

3. Spray paint the lids - work outside or in a well-ventilated space. To make sure they’re evenly covered, spray from several different angles. Leave to dry then give them another coat of paint. Once they’re finally dry, they’re ready to go! 

Here’s a quick and easy DIY craft idea! Watch crafty Nicole show how to personalise storage pots with spray paint and figurines, in less than ten minutes.

Watch how Nicole gave her DROPPAR jars a new look with spray paint and animal figurines.