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Getting the home of their dreams, one diy at at time

01 June 2015

When Hester moved to a house by the English seaside, the surrounding colours and feel of the beach invited themselves inside too. ‘Sometimes your home picks a style for you!’

		White walls, furniture and linen with splashes of bright blue textiles create a serene seaside bedroom

Hester’s fresh start

Two years ago Hester, Ian and Kermit the Jack Russell moved from the bustle of London to the English seaside town of Broadstairs. When they moved to the coast, Hester realised she could finally have the blue-and-white house she’d dreamed of since she was little. ‘I’m from the countryside in the Netherlands but I love coastal style,’ says Hester. And being that bit closer to the Netherlands, she let the Dutch style of décor take over. Keen to see how they’ve settled in, we took a day trip to the seaside.

Hester, Ian and Kermit the dog at home in Broadstairs.

Prepare for pets ‘Having a sofa with covers we can take off and wash makes us pretty relaxed about Kermit’s preference for joining us on the sofa over sitting on the floor!’ 

Hester dyed her white sofa bright blue in her seaside style home.

Style for summer ‘When it gets sunny outside, we hang lighter curtains. I love making seasonal changes. I just dyed my white sofa covers a bright blue.’

‘We have a lovely landlord who lets us make changes but there are limits. It’s OK – I prefer making something new out of what we already have.’

Make an easy-change wall display with white frames.

Make an easy-change wall display ‘I like change but I don’t want to keep having to knock nails in walls and change my wall display so I stick with this arrangement of white frames and change what I display inside them – a mix of my own homemade art, wallpaper samples and shop-bought prints.’

View of kitchen with handmade blinds made from coffee sacks.

Work with unusual materials ‘The kitchen rug and long denim cushion on our SIGURD bench were experiments. I wanted to use our old, worn-out jeans instead of throwing them away. And our kitchen blinds are made out of coffee sacks I found online.’

Feature wall made of painted wood in reclaimed coastal style.

Make a feature of your surroundings ‘We’re always finding interesting things washed up on the beach – we bring them home to create displays.’ Try it yourself! Find stylist Saša Antić’s insider tips for creating cool displays here.

Dip-dye curtains and an updated POÄNG chair in the bedroom.

Update your textiles ‘My POÄNG chair is from my mum. I updated it to suit our new home by sewing a new fabric cover and painting the frame. I dip-dyed the bottom of our old white curtains, too. The effect works well with our bare wooden floors.’ 

Flowers in mismatched vases, a lamp and boat-shaped mirror in Hester’s seaside bedroom.

Bring the outside in ‘I love displaying fresh flowers in mismatched vases to create an informal, summery feel.’ 

View of MALM bed, painted white with blue and white textiles.

Change classic pieces with paint ‘We originally bought our MALM bed in birch. When I wanted something lighter, I painted it white – and I made it into a four-poster using salvaged wood!’ 

Get hester’s style

Hybrid image with ideas and products from Hester’s home by the seaside.