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Get into growing: six easy ideas

28 March 2016
Great ideas for bringing nature indoors, from homes all around the world – try these simple ways to add greenery to your home. 
Create a green vertical wall display using hanging pots and wall rails
A portrait of Clare Simmons, IKEA FAMILY magazine’s Digital Editor

Plants at home – a growing trend

‘Increasingly we’ve seen people getting involved in growing and bringing the outdoors in,’ says Clare Simmons IKEA FAMILY magazine’s Digital Editor. ‘And it’s easy to see why. You don’t need a big space to bring nature to your life at home. Plus, plants and gardening can boost wellbeing, reconnecting you with life beyond the digital world. From creating ‘living’ walls with vertical gardens to plant ‘shelfies’, here are some of our favourite ideas for getting started.’
Fill an entrance or hallway with plants to blur the boundaries between outdoors and inside

1. give a green welcome

Fill your entrance or hallway with greenery to welcome guests and blur the boundaries between outdoors and in. Try using indoor plants as a year-round base, mixing in fresh-cut flowers to update your space with the seasons. 
Hang plants and herbs from walls instead of pictures
Hang herb pots in your kitchen
Turn indoor growing into an art form. Hang plants and herbs from the walls and ceilings as an alternative to pictures and enjoy watching these living displays change before your eyes.
Display your favourite plants like books, organise by category, colour and size

3. cultivate a natural library

Display indoor plants like your favourite books and organise them by category, size and colour to create a vibrant collection of plant ‘shelfies’. Placing them near a window and stacking them high will maximise the light they get and create an interesting alterative to curtains.

Create a pretty indoor potting table
Mix pots and plants of different sizes for a layered look
Give yourself an indoor growing space that doubles as 
a relaxing focal point in a room. Mixing pots and plants of different sizes creates a layered and personal look.  


Combine lush plants of various shapes and sizes for an urban indoor jungle

5. go bold with size and shape

Create your own urban jungle by mixing lush plants of different colours, shapes and textures. Choose large, straight-growing types for height and overhanging ones to create a sense of abundance.   
Create a suspended nursery from recycled plastic bottles
Group seedlings and young plants together in crates for a visually pleasing collection
If you’re growing from seeds or young plants, displaying them as collections looks lovely while making it easier for you to tend to them. Try grouping them in crates or – for a super-sustainable idea – creating a suspended nursery from recycled water bottles.