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Get crafty with lights!

01 December 2015

There’s something magical about making light decorations in the darker months to hang and decorate the home. Here’s three easy ones that are perfect for doing with the kids.

A boy makes a lantern with a jar, coloured paper and a string of lights
A girl cuts coloured paper

Colourful jar lanterns

In our opinion the best kids crafts are ones that they can get into and just do their own way. To make sure these ones were kid friendly (and fun enough!) we invited in our editor Linda and a few members of her family to try them out.

First up are these colourful jar lanterns. How do you do them? There’s no rules, you just need a jar, a string of lights and some coloured paper. Then cut some windows in the paper for the light to shine on out.

  • A boy puts a string of light in a jar
  • A woman and a boy put coloured paper in a jar
  • 3 lanterns made from a string of lights, coloured paper and a jar

“ I think the glass vases became so beautiful, I want to give mine to Daddy for Christmas.” 

A boy cuts out paper next a lighted diorama


Next is this lighted diorama, which needs just a black painted cardboard box to show off the lights (a shoebox works great) another trusty string of lights and some coloured paper to make a crafty scene. Linda’s kids went with an aquarium theme (maybe there’s a subtle Christmas wishlist there Linda!)

A woman and a girl cut out paper

Bright memories

The last one is all about catching some of the fun of the craft day. We thought it’d be super nice to hang some photo’s of the guys in action on a curtain wire strung out on the wall with some lights. You could go with pictures too or maybe some decorated cards or other craft pieces pegged up with the lights. 

Check out two of our other craft ideas using leaves and veges we did with Linda and the kids.

Made by

Photographer: Daniel Wester
Interior designer: Therese Ericsson
Digital designer: Cecilia Englund
Copy writer: James Rynd
Editor: Linda Harkell